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TODD: Ryan in Green Bay, Wisconsin, you’re on the Rush Limbaugh program. Todd Herman, your guide host this week. We got about a minute and a half together, Ryan. Glad you called. Welcome.

CALLER: All right. Thanks, sir. I appreciate you, Todd. Two parts. Yes. I’m a mixed father. I’m a stepfather (breaking up), and my daughter is being chastised. She is indoctrinated. She’s called “a peach,” and I’m also being chastised for being a conservative white man who… (breaks up) I… I apologize. But I’m conservative. I’m white, and I’m raising a mixed kid. My daughter —

TODD: When you say, “mixed kid,” what does “peach” mean? I don’t know that slur.

CALLER: Okay. Her… Her little friends call white girls “peach” and call anything that’s not white “brown.” So if you’re brown, you’re brown. If you’re white, you’re “peach,” and she comes home every day (crying) and cries because she’s “peach.”

TODD: Yeah, and what I want to just —

CALLER: To me, it hurts, because —

TODD: Yeah.

CALLER: — I’m a conservative and our people are good, and they accept everybody. But because I’m conservative, somehow, I’m a racist. But for three years, I took on the role of stepdad to an African-American child who’s also blended with Caucasian. Her father is not good, but I love her. I always will.

TODD: I can hear it.

CALLER: She’s not my blood, but I always love her.

TODD: Ryan, so, the clock is our enemy here. It’s not that I’m not interested in what you’re saying. I’m in fact deeply hurt by hearing this. I want to leave you with a thought. God Almighty made you and your daughter, and he really likes the color you are. In fact, when he made human beings, he said, “It is good.” It is good, brother. I’m sorry that you’re hurting and sorry for your daughter being pushed through this.

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