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TODD: Do you remember when President Trump was elected and all the nuclear wars began? I know this is a painful memory for some, that we had an — I still to this day marvel at driving through California and, you know, it looks like the Badlands of South Dakota after the nuclear bombs fell. What, no, wait, sorry. No. That was a movie. Sorry. I got that messed up because the mockingbird media types told us that it would be nonstop nuclear war. You may remember this, if you want to join us on the phones at 800-282-2882, observations on that and other things. But that was the warning.

So now we’re looking at the Biden administration, so-called, Joe Biden’s dementia behind the militarized fence in Washington, D.C., for no reason other than theatrics. And we’re seeing 160 rockets fired from Gaza into Israel. We’re seeing an anti-Zionist group, IfNotNow, says it, whoops, unintentionally tweeted support for Palestinian riders chanting, “Bomb Tel Aviv,” that from Legal Insurrection, Jerusalem Post talking about the 160 rockets. And the entire structure of American foreign policy can be shown for the goof that it is or has been for many years in two examples.

One of them was the incredible moment where Ronald Reagan refused to speak the words that the people at the State Department told him he was to speak. And they call that Foggy Bottom, State Department, by the way, ’cause that’s where it’s located. It’s by Foggy Bottom. You can think of a lot of other reasons to call it that. We can play that game. But Ronald Reagan, of course, very famously would not give up his “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” He was told countless times, it was removed countless times from his speech. “Mr. President, you can’t speak these words. These are provocative. You can’t do that.” And Reagan finally quit adding it to his speech. “Okay, you win,” they thought. The president stepped on the stage, and he put down his binder full of ideas. Sorry. Wasn’t women. That was Romney later on.

And then he proceeded to take out of his suit pocket the speech he was actually going to read that contained that line. “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” And the wall came down. You can — you can — and the State Department panicked. But things changed. Because an American president caused them to change. Likewise President Trump absolutely refused to adapt to the Foggy Bottom way of things. And so you saw nations like China try to figure out how we gonna deal with this guy? I am not a tariffs person, and yet while Trump was in office, they worked. And so desperately was the world to get back to the cozy, the pretend poker games, that they did everything they possibly could but wouldn’t ever hack an election. I mean, we’ll talk about this later in the program.

Think of all the entities that have been hacked. Michael D. Brown, former undersecretary of Emergency Preparedness and Response, he’s a former radio host and he said this on Twitter: All these entities have been hacked except elections. That can’t happen. That’s impossible. We never would think that. See, Trump, President Trump was a guy reminds me of me. Not me because I’m not Trump but sitting down in a poker game once with a a bunch of Microsoft techs, all the engineers made the final table. And I understood. They already understand the odds of every hand ’cause we were playing Texas Hold’em. I can’t play math with these guys; so I had to be unpredictable and irrational. It’s the only way I could survive at the final table. President Trump was unpredictable.

And so we saw dividends of this the end or the wrapping up of ISIS, we saw dividends of this with the world community finally beginning to pay their fair share in these things. I continue to believe we never would have had President Trump were it not for Rush. The Maha saw in President Trump a man who would, you know, put our enemies in a state of paralysis because the man is not predictable. Right? He’s not a predictable State Department surrender drone. President Trump is not a man with whom to play poker.

RUSH: I remember Bill Clinton offered Yasser Arafat virtually everything he wanted back in the mid-1990s, and Arafat ran away from that deal faster than he’s probably ever run because they didn’t want a deal. They wanted to continue to be able to complain and whine and moan.

So, the thing about it is is that the inside-the-Beltway swamp dwellers have one way of doing things, and they’ve got one way of doing things for peace in the Middle East, for negotiating with communist governments and all that, and none of it, none of it really ever works. And that’s just fine with Washington bureaucrats. When there is no solution, then you still have a need for bureaucrats supposedly working very hard for a solution. In many cases the worst thing that can happen is a solution.

So, here you have Donald Trump. You have an outsider who doesn’t know of the way — well, he knows of the ways of the swamp, but he doesn’t subscribe to them. He doesn’t believe in them. He’s frustrated like any normal human being who is sufficiently informed on these matters. What is the point here? I mean, if we’re gonna have Middle East peace, we’re gonna have Middle East peace. If it’s really gonna be an objective, then why don’t we have it? We’ve been working on this for 70 years, been going on the same way.

So, Trump comes in with Jared Kushner, and as Ari Fleischer just tweeted, one of the fascinating things about today’s peace agreement is how the tactics of the Trump White House were the opposite of what the experts called for. For decades the experts did the same thing over and over. Every administration tried the same thing, and it always involved — I’m adding this. This isn’t in Ari Fleischer’s tweet. It always involved deference to the Palestinians. Trump said, look, these are the people holding it up. They don’t want a deal, so I’m gonna go around ’em. And he did. And in addition to that, he brought in different powers in the Middle East rather than the usual suspects.

So, he goes to the United Arab Emirates; deal. Goes to Bahrain; deal. Lo and behold, we have two powerful Middle East regimes willing to sign a deal today, and they’re gonna sign it in moments in the White House, for a peace arrangement between the UAE and Bahrain and Israel. Trump and Kushner were mocked, they were laughed at all along the way, claiming they were novices and didn’t know what they were doing. But as Ari Fleischer points out, they proved right.

And I have to tell you, folks, when the Netanyahus, Bibi Netanyahu and his wife, when they arrived at the White House today, what an image it was. You know what was unique about it, what was different about it? This may be the first time in 12 years that the prime minister of Israel was permitted to enter the White House through the front door. That’s right. Bibi Netanyahu and his wife were greeted by President Trump and the first lady, Melania, at the front door.

It was a great photo, great photo-op. Trump looking austere and presidential. Melania looking beautiful. Both looking like they belonged exactly where they were. Austere is not the right word. August. They looked confident. They looked like they were exactly where they were intended to be. And Netanyahu looked like he knew that he was exactly where he was supposed to be. (interruption) Well, no, during the Obama years, Netanyahu wasn’t permitted to go in the front door. Just like the Dalai Lama.

Do you remember the Dalai Lama, when he left the White House, they sent him out the back door with the garbage? Do you remember the photo? I do. We probably have the photo somewhere in our archives. It was the same way with Netanyahu. I remember the first time Netanyahu was in the White House during the Obama administration, Obama was rude to the guy, and it gave rise to many people saying this guy’s got a problem with Israel, meaning Obama.

And Netanyahu was brought in the back door, and he was taken to some room if the West Wing. And Obama said, now, you sit here. You sit. I’m gonna have dinner with my family, and I’ll be back. And you better think about what we’re doing here, what you want, because I’ll be back. I mean, the implication, you’re not good enough for me to have dinner with. So you sit here with your group, and you do whatever you do, and I will be back, and we better have something to talk about when I get back. I mean, the animus that the Obama administration had for Netanyahu, it was impossible to miss.

TODD: There it is, what we see today. We see now a reversal of this in the Middle East. And I admit that I was looking at Jared Kushner saying, you’re the guy who’s gonna go cut this deal. He did. They did. Because they did it the way the State Department would never do it. They cut the party out who didn’t want the deal. Who wants the agitation? Who wants to be able to use these people as these pawns? They cut them out. And that’s the part that John Kerry and the ketchup heir or the ketchup — the ketchup king, married for ketchup money dude was out saying during the Trump administration.

He was out saying, “Just stay put. We’re gonna put Iran back in charge of things.” It’s almost like that should be, oh, wait, it is illegal. No, no. Only for Republicans.

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