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TODD: We have this responsibility to get ourselves comfortable being uncomfortable because we’re going to have to be uncomfortable should we want to win our country back or, you know, have opportunity to have it actually be united again. To not fall in all the way over into communism, we need to get comfortable being uncomfortable. This is nonsense racism critical race theory which is in fact racism being taught in the schools, I know it’s very scary for most people to speak out because it’s not a thing that most people do.

It’s uncommon for most people to do it. It’s impolite. Just one suggestion. Ask them to live by their rules. At school board meetings, ask them, or in a parent-teacher conference if you’re with a white teacher and you’re in a parent-teacher conference, say when are you — when are you resigning so a person of color can have your job? They’re not gonna have an answer for that. Or if they’re teaching the pervasive and pornographic sex ed labeled comprehensive sex education underwritten, by the way, by Planned Parenthood — I wonder why — ask them questions from the curriculum. I’m not kidding. I’m not kidding. School board meetings. Say, “So do you have these sort of devices in — next to your — next to your bed at home? How many? Oh, you’re teaching my kids, I thought it was fair game to ask you if you do this.”

Make them live by the rules they’re creating for the rest of us, because right now these things are beautiful theories to them. But it’s ethereal. Confront them with what it would be like to actually live this way. Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers and a member of the AFL-CIO, was on Fox News with Martha MacCallum on Monday. And she discussed kids returning to skrools, as Rush would have said, and the ongoing debate over critical race theory or say it another way, Randi Weingarten wants teachers to stay home unless they’re teaching kids to be racist. MacCallum’s question: Do you believe that 1619 is a factual program?

WEINGARTEN: So Martha, I believe that — I’m a history teacher, and I’m a social studies teacher. And I believe we should teach history. And from everything I can see and understand from the data I see, 1619 was the year that the first slave boat came from Africa to the United States. So that’s a point in history where I think we should be teaching.

MACCALLUM: I mean that’s a very simplistic, you know, take on it. I mean, the 1619 Project that that’s the true beginning and the founding of our nation, not 1776, and that the reason for the revolution and the colonialization was that people want to preserve, colonists wanted to preserve slavery, that the country was founded on the basis of wanting to preserve slavery. But that’s not factual. That is not true.

In fact, scholars in this area say there’s no evidence that colonists were motivated by that in coming to the United States. So it would be wrong as a historian to want to teach them something that is not true because that’s the basis that sets up all these other tenets that lead to teaching kids that we have in a systematically racist country.

TODD: And one of the questions to ask these teachers who are being forced or some of just decide whether it’s easier just to go along and get along to teach kids to be racist, here’s a quick question. We gonna pretend that Native Americans didn’t take slaves? Because you know what amongst many things they were super skilled warriors and believed that when you conquered a people you could own slaves. Are we gonna — are we not allowed to discuss that? Or that black people took black people as slaves and that slavery still exists in the country?

We need to get comfortable being uncomfortable asking questions about that. You know, Rush sliced straight to the center of the rot in American education from the simple things like the actual name of the Fourth of July to the more important like American exceptionalism. And kids and young adults are increasingly taught everything but the truth.

RUSH: We have repeatedly said, ladies and gentlemen, that these protests and riots are being led by college-aged kids who literally know nothing about American history. They have not been taught the truth. This is key to understand. They have not been taught the truth of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, the founding, and then made up their minds that they think these guys are reprobates and creeps.

They’ve not been taught the truth. They have been propagandized and indoctrinated from the get-go. They have been filled with hatred, pure and simple. But they think that they’ve been taught the truth, finally, that 200 years, 240 years of education in this country was a lie and that the period of time they’ve been in school was the truth.

But the fact of the matter is — and this is very important — they haven’t been taught the truth. They’ve not made up their minds independently of anything. They have been propagandized, and they have been indoctrinated. They’ve been taught to hate America. And it has to be pushed back against. It can’t be tolerated.

To push back against it is said to be divisive. What are we supposed to do? In the name of tolerance just sit here and accept the lies that these kids have been taught? Accept the lies as a sign of tolerance or unfairness or what have you? How is it divisive to stand up for the truth? So Trump stands up for the truth, stands up for the truth of the country, the greatness of the country, and he’s divisive?

Trump’s not tearing down statues. Trump is not defacing relics. Trump is not trying to damage or erase our history. He’s trying to restore it and maintain it. That’s divisive? How in the world does Black Lives Matter escape the characterization of divisive? How do any of these left-wing protest groups escape that they are the ones who are divisive?

It’s obvious some of our schools and universities have become some of the most anti-American places on earth. Indoctrination centers for anti-American propaganda. Campus Reform, great website, they went out and spoke with young American students ahead of the Fourth of July to see what they knew about the holiday.

And even though most of the students that Campus Reform interviewed said that America was a racist country, most of them couldn’t answer even the simplest questions about Independence Day. They didn’t have any idea. Fourth of July, had no idea what it was. College people. College educated people. Students were asked, for example, what the holiday commemorates. They were asked which year the country declared independence. They were asked which nation the United States declared independence from and which was fought for American independence, what war.

Many could not answer any of these questions. Some answered that America gained its independence in the twentieth century. Others said the corresponding war was the Civil War, World War I, World War II. They had no concept of – (interruption) How do you get into college and not know it? Because the SATs have been corrupted, because the entrance exams have been corrupted to coordinate with what people have been taught in high school.

It’s a concerted effort. Do you know the name Howard Zinn? Howard Zinn is the author of the textbook used all across America. The guy’s a Marxist. He hates America. He always has. How it became the number one textbook, I’ll never know. Well, the answer is obvious. The leftists are everywhere.

Our education system is lost. We have totally, totally lost it. And during these two generations of loss, we’ve had American parents striving, sacrificing to come up with 40 grand, 50 grand, 30 grand a year to send their kids off to be propagandized. And they’ve done it with pride. They’ve done it with great pride, that they’ve been able to get their kids into these colleges.

We are looking at, folks, a massive failure of the American education system. Or you could look at it the other way. A triumph. These people are showing what’s possible when you get hold of the education. Imagine if genuine American-loving patriots had been in charge of the education system for the last 50 years.

It wouldn’t have been necessary to even elect Trump. That’s not a put-down. I’m just telling you, Trump would not have been unique. Make America Great Again would not have been necessary. People would have believed that that was the objective every day and they would have believed that we’ve met the objective.

And now we’ve got teachers — I read teachers in northern Virginia — i.e., Washington suburbs — are demanding hazard pay for the coming school year. Teachers who have been doing nothing since March want hazard pay. They want special pay. People stocking shelves in grocery stores and trucking and delivering supplies all over the country, they haven’t made such demands.

Teachers, hazard pay? Because, what? The virus? Where’s your commitment, teachers? You people have been — look. I know there’s exceptions, don’t misunderstand. But how many times have you heard a caller to this program, a teacher, a conservative in either a high school or a college, and they whisper, and they tell us they’re using a fake name ’cause they don’t want to be identified.

There’s always a renegade conservative professor somewhere at some university, some college, some high school. We hear from ’em. I wish I had a dollar for every time I have addressed the issue of our declining education. Because we have seen, folks — as I say, there’s two ways to look at this. You can look at it as the abject failure of the education system or you could look at how they’ve triumphed. They have demonstrated what you can do if you control the education system.

TODD: And they’ve opened for Republicans, if they’ll take it, the biggest arguments ever for vouchers, for public — nonpublic schools, for private schools. You can productize freedom and free kids from indoctrination, GOP. You got the guts?


TODD: In every possible capacity, we need to out-absurd the absurdities, what the left is doing to people. The left is really good at theater and often conservatives aren’t because we tend to want to be free to have actual governance, and we tend to be busy living life. But this would seem parody in a sane nation, but we’re not right now all sane, particularly states like California. This is from Reason.com. In the name of equity, California will discourage students who are gifted at math. New framework keeps everyone learning at the same level as long as possible. Literally trying to hold back the minds of children. Literally attempting to prevent growth. Literally stealing from them their potential, and it won’t work.

You can’t — well, short of pharmaceutical intervention, you can’t crush intelligence. Raw bandwidth will overcome a lot. A lot of disadvantage is what raw intellectual bandwidth will overcome, like raw physical talents can be a basis for great success when added to hard work. But in the case of these mathematicians, they want to steal from them the hard work. So our absurdities need to be more absurd than them. And I’m not trying to create a situation where teachers are constantly getting uncomfortable questions. That’s not my goal. My goal is within the schools to — as I’ve been saying, make them live in the world they’re putting our kids in.

Such as at a school board meeting, “Yes. I just noticed that Member Schultz is a lot better at speaking than Member Smith. So Member Schultz, would you please put some pebbles in your mouth when you’re talking so that you stutter? Because otherwise there’s no equity here. And while we’re on the topic, Member Johnson, you’re awfully good-looking, and I just noticed over here this gentleman is not as good-looking. So Member Johnson, could you come in here next time with bed head? And I know it seems absurd and it can seem funny, and it should seem funny and it should seem absurd, and we have to do it. We have to demand that they start living this way.

Now, another one. “Yes. I stand before the school board to say we have no business in a building of mortar construction. This was stolen from the Aztec people, this design was stolen. These arches are Roman. We can’t have Roman arches. They were the first of the white conquerors. I say tear the buildings down.” And there would be people going you’re mad. No, you’re not. You’re saying they’re your rules. So live in ’em. And sometimes that absurdity can wake people. Because they’re being abused by this wokihadist Ed. The Maha found the prototypical victim of wokihadist Ed, a so-called journalist who’s abused the notion that the technology we developed in space flights has been useless to society.

RUSH: The lack of education extends to way too many places. This journalist, his name is Matthew Yglesias, and I don’t know where he writes. If it’s Vox or one of these Millennial places. Slate. I’m not sure which. But here’s the tweet. “It’s weird to me how often JFK’s ‘Let’s put a man on the Moon’ idea is cited as a success story. It cost tons of money, was driven by Cold War hysteria, and it turned out to be useless to the point that it’s been decades now since anyone has bothered to go.”

Do you realize how ignorant that is? From beginning to end? And I’m being charitable calling it ignorant. Let’s put a man on the moon, cited as a success story, cost tons of money and driven by Cold War hysteria? He’s referring to the fact that the Russians, the Soviets, put a satellite up there called Sputnik and that made us all paranoid. We were afraid that we were gonna be annihilated by a nuclear bomb launched from space. So we had to get up to speed in the space game to keep up with the dastardly Soviets, who people like Mr. Yglesias thought were harmless. And it turned out to be useless to the point that it’s been decades now since anyone’s bothered to go. Now, he can only think this if he has had absolutely no proper education about that era.

I remember when I was a teenager, a man named Shorty Powers of NASA came to Cape Girardeau. They were in the process of selling everybody on the space program. NASA was doing nationwide PR. Somebody in our little town had enough pull to get somebody from NASA to come in and do a speech. A presentation. And my father was fascinated with space. He was a pilot, so he took me to this thing. And one of the aspects of Mr. Powers’ presentation was all of the technology that was created, out of necessity, for the space program to put a man on the Moon. To keep human beings alive in, literally, capsules in outer space. The things that were necessary to invent to make that possible had ramifications throughout everyday American society that led to the enhancement of our quality of life. That led to the opportunity for prosperity because it didn’t just stick in the space program.

The things that were necessary to be invented to keep human beings alive in a vacuum and to be able to launch them into space and fly them at speeds of 25,000 miles an hour. The things learned. The things developed and invented to be able to do that ended up having everyday application in America to the point that the list is so long, you can’t mention them all. Now, yeah, they would have probably happened eventually, but to say that the space program was a waste of money because it was simply a Cold War paranoia is ridiculous.

How about the invention of the CAT scanner? Computer microchips? Cordless tools? Freeze-dried food, including Tang? Insulation? Memory foam? Satellite broadcasting? Interstellar communications? Scratch-resistant glass and lenses? Smoke detectors? Water filtration? The list is endless. Things that the space program had to invent to sustain life that found their way into everyday life in America. And eventually found their way into everyday life, as cheap as needed for as many people to be able to access.

The idea that the Moon program and the space program has been a total waste of money and a bust could only be stated by somebody who’s not been taught the true meaning and the true value of such pioneering experimentation. Somebody who’s been taught what a waste of money it was to oppose communism. That’s the root of this. We had no business opposing the Soviets. The communists weren’t a threat. That’s what today’s liberals think, and that’s what yesterday’s thought.

TODD: Tang. Who wouldn’t have had Tang? Yglesias, as Rush spoke about, was a victim of early wokihadism, undeveloped wokihadism. There are kids in mixed race families, I’ve talked to them, whose parents just stand out. One, the father was a cop. He’s black, his wife was white. Father is a Marine and now a cop and his mixed race kids are coming home saying; so which one should we be? Should we be the oppressor, the white part of us, or should we be the oppressed, the black part of us? Mom said, “Hey, how about if we just be US and make the schools answer questions like that?” Honestly, making them uncomfortable by us getting used to being uncomfortable is one of the first steps to taking our country back, I promise.

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