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TODD: Let’s talk to Jeff in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. Jeff, you’re on the Rush Limbaugh program. Todd Herman, your guide host this week. Hi, Jeff.

CALLER: Hi, Todd. I appreciate you taking my call. First, I’d like to thank everyone at the EIB for continuing to honor Rush daily.

TODD: Thank you.

CALLER: He was quite a man, and he’s gonna live on quite some time. We need him now more than ever.

TODD: Thank you.

CALLER: My question was, and I heard Bo speak early in the show and was very emotional. I think it’s emotional for all of us. But was to you and to other guest hosts, hopefully you all can touch base at some point, but what was it like to get the call when they say, “Hey, Rush would like you to guest host?”

TODD: Well, gosh, I will tell you. I think God gives us hints of things, and this could sound incredibly self-serving. I had had this strange feeling that very important people were listening to my radio show in Seattle (beyond my very important listeners, without which it wouldn’t exist) and I just put that feeling aside. It’s… You know, it’s just a feeling.

And then my program director brought me into his office one day, and those are always fun things in radio. You know, it’s Friday at 4:30. “Hey, Todd, could I have you come into my office Friday at 5:30? Go ahead and bring all your personal items.”

CALLER: (laughing)

TODD: (laughs) So, I walk in and I sit down, and my program director looks me in the eye and he said, “Do you have any interests in filling in for Rush Limbaugh?” And imagine my biological reaction.

CALLER: I bet.

TODD: It was all the air left my body, all of it, and I remember feeling very dizzy and (gasping) inhaling and saying, “Yes, I — I — I do,” and then the funniest thing happened is I got a call from gentleman named Kraig who works on the program, and he and I visited, and he said, “You’re gonna get a call from a guy named James Golden,” and that was some of the process.

And then after James (who you know as Bo Snerdley) and I visited. James and I realized we knew each other from way back. Back in the internet radio days, we had met, and it came this full circle. I will tell you this, Jeff. You’ll hear me say — and I hope you guys know — I couldn’t be more professionally honored. I don’t want to get teary-eyed ’cause we did that earlier.

Even as a radio host, a mentor from afar, the things that I did in life that professionally mattered were because Rush gave me the bravery. His saying, “Never let those who didn’t tell you, ‘You can’t'” was fundamental in changing my view of life, and to what degree I was willing to put myself in uncomfortable circumstances to gain these results. So, that was my experience.

But, by the way, some time we’ll tell the story. I never… It’s Rush’s show. It will always be. I don’t want to make it about me. I’ll tell you this: The first time the bumper music ran? (laughing) I thought I had it all together ’til I heard Rush’s music run! “Oh, my gosh.” Expecting someone to come in and go, “Oh, we didn’t know you were that guy from Spokane. Get outta here.”

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