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TODD: As I read this headline I’m about to read to you and the data that corresponds to it, I remember listening to Rush talk about never in American history has our response to things been “hide inside,” and I will tell you — and I warned Team EIB — I am so obsessive about the response to this covid flu. It’s the biggest, most destructive swindle I’ve ever seen, the lives taken by these lockdowns.

It’s just, one day… Stories are beginning to leak out. ProPublica had a piece about people who put off cancer treatments because they were scared to go to the hospital because the party had told them, “You’ll die if you walk into the hospital,” because of the covid flu. This is from Morning Consult: “Many Vaccinated Americans Are Still Uncomfortable Returning to Public Activities. The U.S. Economy Needs Them.”

Well, you have spent a year and a half terrifying people about a virus for which the largest majority of the them never needed any form of mRNA injection or vaccine. I understand the reason for it. I understand. I feel awful when I talk about this because I feel like President Trump was obsessed with saving American lives. I really do, and I think that at that time, there were so many lies circulating about the covid flu.

“We’re gonna see 30 million dead people!” There was a time when the average American believed 30 million people had died from this. Just fathom that: 10% of our country, they believe, had died. That’s how twisted the mockingbird media was around this. Now you have these people, vaccinated people, that are afraid. Willing to go on a cruise, 17%; unvaccinated, 37%.

Attending a concert: 25% will do that if they’re vaccinated; 42% if they’re not. Renting a car… (laughing) Renting a car! Still there, the vaccinated people are behind, or the people got the mRNA injections, at least. Why? Because these people are traipsing around in woke masks that never, ever had a chance to inhibit the flow of respiratory viruses. They don’t. It’s the physics don’t work.

Now you have Fauci; Fauci will say whatever, whatever must be said at the time. He switches positions constantly. This now (impression) “Well, if you’re vaccinated and you’re outside, put — put aside your mask. You don’t need to wear it.” You’ve been saying since the shots began (impression), “Well, we’re still going to need to wear masks because asymptomatic people can pass on the virus.” No, they can’t. They can’t, they don’t.

You’ve said it many times, “Asymptomatic transmission is never…” You know what? You know what? You know what? If they want to destroy confidence in the public health system, boom! “Boom! Winner, winner, chicken dinner. You done did it. You done did it,” and look, the left has been so successful at making their voters victims of fear, here’s Rush from 2015 proving just that point.

RUSH: I have to be honest. I think a whole lot of people in this country, Chris, are scared for the future, in all walks of life, because of the state of the economy, because of what you just said: The disunity, the strife. There used to be… I mean, we’ve always had divisions, and we’ve always had disagreements.

But the lines that are dividing us have gotten wider and bigger and more pronounced. And it all just doesn’t feel right to a lot of people. People who have lost their jobs fear they’re never gonna find on another one that pays them what they were earning. People who have jobs fear they’re gonna lose theirs. People fear they’re gonna lose their health care, not be able to afford it. People fear this, and this is on purpose because when you have this kind of fear — and these students are illustrating it.

When you have this kind of fear, where do you turn to? You turn to the biggest source of money you can find. In this case, it’s the government. You turn to the biggest source of power you can find. You don’t turn inward and rely on yourself because you think it doesn’t matter.

These kids have been told the deck’s stacked against them; they got no chance because of racism or bigotry or what have you. Other people don’t think that they’ve got a fair shake because of whatever this or that. But whatever it is, people know the things are not right.

Something just doesn’t feel right. This is not the way the country deals with problems. It’s not the way we’ve always solved problems. The whole idea of the American dream now being in decline? I mean, this unsettles people.

The students are unsettled and frightened and scared, they say. I think it’s over ridiculous things that are largely made up, but it doesn’t mask the fact that there is an unsettledness that’s spread over many people in this country.

With liberals in charge, the lesson is clear: There isn’t a safe space anywhere in this country. Even people who embrace liberalism feel unsafe. Even people who embrace liberalism and vote for it feel scared and unsettled. So universities have become the home, universities have become in fact what I would call the safe spaces for community organizers, for community rabble-rousers, for shakedown artists, the people the president cheers, the people the president encourages to continue doing what they’re doing. Anti-intellectual bullies who cannot stand for diversity of thought, who will not tolerate diversity of opinion.

Organizing young radicals and turning them against their parents and turning them against the United States of America, that’s the passion of the modern-day Democrat Party and its figurative titular head, Barack Hussein O. And what we have on parade, if you’ve ever wonder what, I mean by “young skulls full of mush,” just turn on your TV and listen for five minutes to an interview of anybody on campus at the University of Missouri or now at Yale or at Harvard.

No matter where you look, every place in this country that is run by liberal Democrats and has been for years is an abject, total disaster with unchecked misery and unhappiness and anger and rage: How can that be?

TODD: Take those words, move them forward to today, and was not this. We’re talking about the fact that vaccinated people and people who’ve gotten the mRNA injections are more afraid to go outside than people who have not. Alex Berenson on Twitter points this out from the New York Times, TheUpshot: “With Hugs and Haircuts, U.S. Epidemiologists Start Returning (Carefully!) to Everyday Life.”

(chuckles) Fifty-five percent of epidemiologists in the United States won’t hang outside with no masks: 70% won’t eat inside. The people who are trained to read actuarial data in terms of risk profiles — who could, in five seconds, glance at a chart and understand, “This virus is so completely age- and health-condition stratified, that most people are at more risk from the seasonal flu!”

I mean that with an exclamation point, italicized, and underlined, and bolded, for that matter. But they have gone through these colleges and this fear system, and I question how many of them believe in anything greater than their own intellect? Like such as the skepticism of others or are willing to be skeptical of things. See, I think this might be the problem, that they’ve been through these indoctrination centers called colleges where you are not to disagree with the much-vaunted prof.

You’re never to disagree because you step outside the ideological bounds, you’re in trouble. Well, that’s extended into the hard sciences — and one need look no further than this. All the glaring contradictions, all the people not wearing the woke masks when they think they’re not on camera — or just take this, just take this.

As we’re gearing up for travel season and people had to have the 18-foot Q-Tips shoved up their beaks to fly on airplanes (laughs), illegal immigrants weren’t being tested for the covid! When children were being packed into what used to be cages and are now luxury resorts at the W Hotel — well, but they’re Biden’s cages — we didn’t test for covid with illegal immigrants. But to get on an airplane!

Even those glaring contradictions didn’t somehow wake people from the fear-induced coma slumber, fear coma.

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