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TODD: Moving pieces to this because it involves a confluence of things. (I love that word.) You got Joe Biden’s dementia. You got people accidentally speaking truth — removing themselves from political dogma and accidentally speaking common-sense truth — even as they do so behind a militarized installation in Washington, D.C., that exists only for theater. Even now that the science has suddenly changed this great rigor that (Fauci impression), “Well, we — we…

“The masks, they just… I mean, it’s really hot. We’re sweating.” Lots of pieces here. So Joe Biden, his dementia, canceled the Keystone pipeline just right off the bat. Now his energy secretary is saying that pipes are the best way to transport fuel. Follow the bouncing thoughts as people accidentally speak common sense. First, an unidentified reporter asks, “Can you tell us what is the feasibility of using railcars to transport fuel into affected areas? I know that’s being looked at.”

GRANHOLM: The DOT is looking at that, and so we’ll have to wait until their analysis is done. Um, these are not easy solutions. This is why we have, um, doubled down on ensuring that there’s an ability to truck, uh, oil in — gas in. But it’s… it’s… (snickers) The pipe is the best way to go.

TODD: Okay. So that’s Jennifer Granholm, the energy secretary, who’s saying, “Pipe is the best way to go.” She just spoke common sense. Again, Biden’s dementia canceled the Keystone pipeline, whereas John Kerry is spending tax money on inefficient, useless windmills to go in the waters off of rich communities. And those are made by slave labor, literal slave labor in concentration camps of the Chinese Communist Party.

But John Kerry’s involved in this accidentally speaking common sense. Here’s Kerry, who considers it a mere problem that we’re buying these windmills made by slaves of the Chinese Communist Party in concentration camps. He admits pipelines are the best way to transmit oil.

ISSA: Isn’t it true that pipelines are more carbon-delivery efficient than trains or trucks or other forms of delivery? If you could answer just that little bit of question.

KERRY: Yeah, that is true. I — I think that is true. But it doesn’t mean you necessarily want to be adding another line when there are other alternatives. But is it better than train and better than that? Yes it is.

TODD: Alternatives like buying inefficient windmills made by Uyghur slaves in concentration camps created by the Chinese Communist Party. That’s the alternative to pipelines. You see how they have to bounce back and forth between actual common sense and dogma? Now, this is just right here…

It’s just an amazing call you’re about to hear on this topic. This is a trucker who you’ll see is better educated on the economy and energy infrastructure than what’s his name, Mayor Pete, will ever be. And he tells Rush, this trucker, how his Limbaugh Institute education forever turned him away from Barack Obama and the Democrats.

RUSH: To Philadelphia, Dennis, great to have you, sir, on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, I’m a 48-year-old black man who has all my life been Democrat, and I want to say that as a truck driver, I listen to you, and been angry with you over the years, but I still listen to you ’cause I’m in a truck. But I have finally come to see something, and I want to say three years ago I would have never saw myself or thought of myself saying that I agree with you, but I am now dropping my association with Obama, who I voted for a few years ago. I’ll never vote for this guy, I can’t. I’m thinking of dropping even being a Democrat, but it’s all because of you in a lot of ways.

The tipping point for me was Newt Gingrich, what he said a few days ago, something I would have really been very angry with and almost insulted by. He said that Obama’s decision regarding this pipeline was stunningly stupid. And I could not disagree with that, because this pipeline, in addition to the fact that it’s automatically gonna bring a lot of jobs, without a doubt help the economy, it’s gonna have an immediate impact on the price of things.

Impact on the price of gas, which in my industry is enormous. People don’t understand how the price of fuel affects everything that they pay for, from food to any good that they get. But the bottom line is that this man, because of what I can clearly see as politics to support these environmental people, he is willing to destroy this country, destroy the economy.

It’s a no-brainer in terms of getting away from dependence on the foreigners, foreign oil. And I just cannot in good conscience continue to hurt my family in the amount that I’m paying for fuel, groceries, and everything else. I cannot in good conscience support this man when this is obviously political because it would have helped this country and the economy. So I want to say that I’m finally seeing the light and I’m done with him.

RUSH: This is major, Dennis. I mean, the Keystone pipeline, you are one of the biggest 180-degree changes of mind that we’ve ever had on this program. And you just changed your mind three weeks ago after a lifetime of thinking something else.

CALLER: Well, I would say to every black American who feels they have to have some loyalty to this man simply because he’s black or because he’s Democrat, we’re shooting ourselves in the foot. We’re killing ourselves. We’re having a hard time as black people anyway —

RUSH: My God, you’re singing from my hymnal! You’re in my choir, Dennis. You are exactly right. This Keystone pipeline, everybody is scratching their heads. This is causing a lot of people to look at Obama in a different way. How did you know that he was acting out of loyalty to his environmentalist buddies? I mean, if you knew that all along but you were willing to tolerate that for a while, what was the last straw about this?

CALLER: Well, it was really a slow thing that I think started with the Obamacare and the fact that I know that the government doesn’t do anything well. They just don’t do things well. Everything they stick their hands into, it always becomes more expensive. But this thing here with the Keystone thing, I know how the environmentalists are. I understand the fact that they don’t really want a clean environment. They want us to eat grass and live in trees.

RUSH: They’re trying to force you off the road, Dennis.

CALLER: Well, that’s true. I agree with that, but I just know that this guy was doing it more or less out of trying to buy time until the election is done. It’s kind of obvious. It became obvious to me. Nobody with any sense can deny the fact that this is gonna help us — and I’m hurting, to be honest with you. I am really hurting, and the fact that he’s siding with these environmental people over just the whole economy, the whole nation — and black people, my people in particular because we are really poor in a lot of ways compared to white Americans. I used to be kind of bitter toward white America in a lot of ways, but I’m not now. I really thank you for what you’ve done, and this is really transformative. I feel it’s changed my life.

RUSH: Well, you’ve rocked my boat here. You’ve floated any boat. I can’t thank you enough. What a day! I mean, this is… Guys like you and calls like yours are just one of the best things that happens to me. I can’t thank you enough.

TODD: So common sense from a great Rush Limbaugh caller is not enough. If economics are not enough for you to get behind pipelines, if common sense doesn’t work, what about doing it for the caribou?

ANNOUNCER: Oh, it’s so easy to love Dancer and Prancer, Donner and Blitzen, Vixen — and especially, Rudolph. You know, Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer. But what about the other side of the reindeer family, the caribou? The caribou get no cute sings, no cuddly cartoons, no Christmas specials. The caribou. They have to fend for themselves on the frozen tundra, uncared for by the liberals. If the truth be known, it’s the conservatives who love the caribou!

It’s the conservatives who care for the caribou, who want to see the caribou go forth and multiply. Conservatives for Caribou is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the caribou population. We can double, we can triple the caribou in the frozen tundra. But we need your help! Not your money, your support. It’ll take a pipeline to double the caribou population. Conservatives for Caribou want that pipeline. Daschle Democrats don’t. Call Tom Daschle. Tell him to drop the petty politics. Let the caribou go forth and multiply.

Support ANWR for the caribou.

TODD: You just see it as a picture, can’t you, the caribou warming themselves by the pipeline?

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