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BRETT: It is time for today’s EIB High Note. It’s all about improvising. That’s right. It’s all about improvising. So, in hockey, when a player scores three goals in a game, it’s dubbed a hat trick, as many of you know. Some of you may not know that. Fans usually throw their hats out to the ice to celebrate.

Well, you have covid restrictions in Canada, so no fans were in the stands to witness Tim Stutzle’s first career hat trick. The Ottawa Senators forward went home with little fanfare over his achievement. That is, until he opened his back door. The local kids had banded together and made sure to celebrate him anyway by throwing hats into his backyard. Here is Stutzle’s reaction when asked about it at a press conference.

STUTZLE: That was definitely unreal and a great thing of them to do that and I was very, very happy for that. So I can’t thank them enough for doing that. We can’t be thankful enough for that, what they did for us, and that shows their support. They stay behind us in every situation and always behind the active players and this team, and the whole staff, and that was definitely an unreal feeling.

BRETT: Love the creative kids for getting together to make this guy feel good. That’s a phenomenal thing.

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