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BRETT: From tigers to horses: An upset at the 146th Preakness Stakes on Saturday as little-known Rombauer took first place, with Medina Spirit (who was caught up in that doping scandal) finishing third. Medina’s coach, Bob Baffert, opted to stay away from that controversy, issuing the following statement:

“Today is not about Bob Baffert. It’s about Medina Spirit and all of the other equine athletes in our tremendous sport.” Sad bit of news coming out from this situation regarding animals and the way animals are managed. I mentioned that tweet that came in about saving the donkeys from the Grand Canyon. Well, this is a horse story of another feather.

There was another story over the weekend that didn’t get as much attention, the Baltimore Sun reporting on Saturday that the Bureau of Land Management (which is in charge of caring for the nation’s wild horses) created a $1,000-a-head adoption incentive program in 2019 because it wanted to move a huge surplus of mustangs and burros out of government corrals and find them, quote, “good homes.”

Thousands of first-time adopters signed up, and the bureau was hailing the program as a success, but records show that instead of going to good homes, truckloads of horses were dropped at slaughter houses as soon as those adopters got their federal dollars.

A program intended to protect wild horses was instead subsidizing their path to destruction. Rush often spoke about the fact that we’re never supposed to examine the results of government programs, only the good intentions. Sadly, this program with the horses is just one of those many examples.

RUSH: We’re chasing rainbows. I don’t want to hear all these good intentions. “Well, Rush, you gotta at least give ’em credit for their good intentions. They’re trying.” I don’t know. That doesn’t count. All their good intentions, what did that get us with the war on poverty? What did that get us with the Great Society, all these great intentions? Every liberal program to come down the pike…

Social Security (I know this is gonna irritate some of you) is a Ponzi scheme that is given credibility simply because it’s run by the government. But it’s no different than what Bernard Madoff was doing. There’s not a shred’s bit of difference in what Madoff was doing and what Social Security is — pure and simple — and we have reached the point where Madoff went to jail in Social Security. There’s no longer money to pay late-arriving investors.

The early investors get paid off as later suckers pour money into the program. In our case, it was mandatory. We had to invest. We were given no choice. But it’s a failure. It’s an absolute disaster. Look at how many programs in our entitlement structure are modeled after Social Security: Medicare, Medicaid, you name it — and behind every one of these programs was big hearts, good intentions, compassion.

“We are going to help people,” and we’re not. How are people being helped now? It’s all caught up with us. And now, green jobs. Seattle green jobs program. They got 20 million federal dollars (which is really what this is all about.) They got 20 million federal dollars to weatherize homes.

Fourteen jobs were created with the $20 million, most of them administrative, and only three homes were upgraded. Now, what do you think happened to the money? Green jobs sound good, and look at how many companies get on board this green business in their marketing, ’cause they think that you, the general public, have fallen for it.

So every company touts how they’re greening their manufacturing process, greening their sales process, greening the very ingredients in their products or service or what have you, all to make you think they care about the environment and that they are good stewards. In fact all it is is a giant slush fund.

BRETT: In fact, John Kerry was testifying last week at the House of Representatives, answering questions about… He was there as the climate czar but was asking questions about tipping off the Iranians to Israeli operations since he’s an honorary friend of that regime there in Iran, ’cause he’s constantly advising people like Javad Zarif, the foreign minister of Iran.

John Kerry had to acknowledge the reporting that came out of a number of resources in the last few weeks that the western Chinese concentration camps that we know about that the Uyghurs are currently living in, that they are manufacturing under horrible conditions solar panels that will be used in the United States as part of the Green New Deal.

Oh, oh, you didn’t hear about that? Oh, this has been reported in a number of places. I think Bloomberg had it in the green section of their news feed a few weeks back. And when asked about this, “Hey, do you know that they’re using slave labor? Do you know that they’re using all these things to manufacture these solar panels?” Kerry had to acknowledge, “Yes, I’m aware that that’s the case and, you know, we’re trying to do what we can.”

It’s intentions. It’s all just intentions are great. Our intentions are to make sure that you can do what you have to do. I remember a bit that Rush did, back about, oh, gosh, has to be 15 years ago, maybe 20, where liberals were giving homeless people shiny new shopping carts to push their stuff around town in rather than giving them shelter.

And they were saying, “Look, we can’t help them so let’s give them brand-new shopping carts to go around town, and they can haul their cans and foraged food with them every place they go, and it will be secure that way.” Rather than trying to help them transition from homelessness, they were getting together to try to pay for new shopping carts for people to remain homeless. I mean, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I mean, it’s become a cliched phrase, but it is — and at the hands of government, those good intentions are celebrated as virtues, tremendous virtues and victories.

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