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BRETT: Last week was a huge week when we saw the change in the standards on the CDC requirements — not requirements, I guess. I guess the recommendation as it relates to masking and where you mask and how you mask and when we mask and do you mask and whom do you mask and all that sort of stuff, right? Well, there are a number of CDC updates that I think are worth kind of taking a look at, especially looking at how the narrative on masking and covid-19 has sort of manifested itself in different ways over the last number of months.

A great example of what the mainstream media was doing a month before the election to make President Trump appear to be ineffective in handling this crisis. Last October 14th, 2020, on CNN’s “New Day” Co-Host John Berman said to former medical school professor William Hazeltine that we’ve been worried about the possible winter surge from covid. It’s not even a month into fall and we’re seeing this alarming increase. So what does that tell you?

HAZELTINE: It tells us that we don’t have this pandemic, this epidemic under control. And I’m extremely concerned that the president is being advised by people who speak of herd immunity. Herd immunity is another word for mass murder. That is exactly what it is if you allow this virus to spread, as they are advocating. We’re looking at two to six million Americans dead. Not just this year, but every year. There is no such thing as herd immunity. This is an unmitigated disaster for our country.

BRETT: You know, if you walked up to William Hazeltine on his own, just sitting in a diner or a coffee shop and he’s sipping his coffee and you walked up to him and said, “Yes, Professor Hazeltine, a question for you. I believe herd immunity is another word for mass murder,” he’d flip out. He’d lose his mind. Because he knows under normal circumstances making that assertion is foolishness. But he also understands that he needed to go and be the lead guest on the fear factory, which is CNN’s “New Day,” where they get everything revved up nice and early in the morning so they’re upset and panicky. And that’s what he did.

And given what the CDC director said last Thursday and again in the news cycle this weekend, there’s a big gap between the reality of the horrible statistics in our country and this worst case scenario presented by the CNN reporter and host. Now let’s go back to August 7th of last year when Dr. Anthony Fauci said this.

FAUCI: We don’t know if it’s gonna be 50%, 60%. Hopefully I’d like to see 75% or more. But the chances of it being 98% effective is not great, which means you must never abandon the public health approach. You’ve gotta think of the vaccine as a tool to be able to get a pandemic to no longer be a pandemic but to be something that’s well controlled.

BRETT: What? Well, here’s Rush reminding us that it was Andrew Cuomo that messed things up in New York with the virus. It wasn’t Trump. Here’s Rush.

RUSH: Andrew Cuomo is out saying Trump had nothing to do with the vaccine. Andrew Cuomo, who couldn’t have done 5% what Trump has done. People died with Andrew Cuomo running the coronavirus circumstances in New York unnecessarily. So now Andrew Cuomo is just livid that Trump called him on the, you know, Fredo’s brother said, “I’m not accepting any vaccine that comes from Donald Trump.” Trump said, okay, fine, we’ll put you at the bottom of the list.

BRETT: That was the only person saying that about the vaccine. Kamala Harris said she wouldn’t take it, she wasn’t gonna trust the Trump vaccine. Gavin Newsom — that’s right — Gavin Newsom came out and said, “Well, we’re gonna test and see what — what the vaccine’s really made of. I’ve got my own independent experts here in California. We’ll be testing all this stuff.” Now, if you flip any of those people to today — and I know it’s whataboutism, I know people hate the whataboutism, but if you were to flip any of those people today and you would have say DeSantis in Florida, McMaster in South Carolina, Abbott in Texas, and they come out and say the same sort of things about Joe Biden’s coronavirus rollout and Anthony Fauci and they say this about — that the herd immunity is mass murder, all that sort of stuff, you would literally have news reporters from the cable outlets camped on their front lawns yelling and screaming and demanding retractions and apologies and all those sorts of things. And yet, and yet each and every time the Big Government pharma crew — and I’m not talking about pharmaceutical companies.

I’m talking about your CDC types, your Dr. Faucis, et cetera, every time they put out a warning, they have to walk it back. It was only about four weeks ago that Dr. Rochelle Walensky, or Rochelle Walensky, the one who is running CDC now, came on television and said, “I’m so worried, I’m so worried and upset. I feel like it’s — we’re going to a really dark place right now.” Now all of a sudden they come out with a revised mask mandate numbers and — and who has to wear it and where you have to pair it and all that sort of stuff. What changed? Politics. The Democratic Party and politicians that come from that understand the politics of manipulation of the masses. They get it better than anybody.

They absolutely do. Remember when they were telling you in the midst of the George Floyd riots, at the hottest point, right, we’re talking early June, mid-June of last year, there were doctors inside the NIH and the CDC and at well respected medical schools around the country who were saying, don’t worry enforcing social distancing or the mask mandates during riots because systemic racism is a public health crisis worse than what you’re seeing with the pandemic.

Remember, that was a huge narrative as cities were burning. No, don’t enforce the rules for people to socially distance and not to get on top of each other as they’re rioting and looting and fighting the cops and all that kind of stuff in the midst of a pandemic.

Don’t worry about that because it is more important for the people to express themselves than to — than to do anything else. And it’s foolishness. To think that science is just pure science and is not politically altered is absolute silliness. Six feet social distancing was an arbitrary number. It was. How do we know? MIT did a study. How else do we know? They came out as a result of that study and said, “Well, one foot, three foot, six foot, you should just space yourself the best that you can. And yet, and yet if you were to fly on an airplane anytime in the last six months — I did — they were jam-packed. It was like magic. You had to be socially distanced six feet.

I had somebody in the middle seat. I’m on the window seat. And there’s somebody next to that. There’s been — and the seats in front and behind me are all jam-packed on an airplane. How was the airplane magically protecting everybody? Because we have a mask? Public health officials are as absolutely affected by politicking as anybody else.

So Hazeltine, Fauci, Walensky, all of these people are affected by politics. If you have any doubt about that, ask yourself, well, what exactly was the role of the AFT and opening the schools, and how did Randi Weingarten get to determine what the rules for the CDC standards were going to be? The unions wrote it. So if they’re protesting that, they’re protesting too much.

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