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BRETT: Do you know what’s coming up this Saturday? If you are any sort of a longtime student at the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies, you know coming up this Saturday is one of the most iconic dates in Rush Limbaugh history. This Saturday is the 28th anniversary of Dan’s Bake Sale.

We have a special show coming up this Friday. You longtime listeners will know what it’s all about, but for you new listeners, just think Woodstock for conservatives. It’s gonna be a really fun day. We hope you can join us. Here is Rush explaining Dan’s Bake Sale, the CliffsNotes version.

RUSH: Dan’s Bake Sale. It all got started when Dan called and told me his friend was making copies of The Limbaugh Letter, a copyright violation, ’cause his wife wouldn’t let him buy a subscription. And he wanted me to give him a freebie and, you know, these little kids are running around at that time doing bake sales, sending the proceeds to Clinton to retire the national debt, and Clinton was keeping the money and praising this as good civics. So that’s where the bake sale idea came from.

BRETT: And thus was born a legendary event. So coming up on the Friday show, we’re gonna take a deep dive and reminisce and bring you back to that magical moment. Again, this coming Saturday is the 28th anniversary of Dan’s Bake Sale, and we have got a tremendous, tremendous show prepared and ready for you, and certainly we’ll take your reminiscences as well coming up on Friday, your memories of it and what it meant.

So stick around for that.

It’s gonna be wonderful.


BRETT: Once again let me remind you we have something very special planned for Friday, and it all began with a phone call from a guy named Dan.

RUSH: Wait a minute. He’s sending you his used Limbaugh Letters?

DAN: Well, Xeroxed copies.

RUSH: I’ll tell you what, Dan. Here’s what we’re gonna do.

DAN: Okay.

RUSH: You must organize a bake sale. Have a bake sale. Are you married?

DAN: Yeah.

RUSH: Does your wife bake?

DAN: Well, yeah, but she hates your show. That’s another reason I can’t get the Letter. She won’t let us put the finances to it.

BRETT: Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho! And thus was born, thus was born one of the most transformative moments in modern American political and radio history, Dan’s Bake Sale. Coming up on Friday (chuckles), we’ve got a very special program looking back at that incredible event when thousands — tens of thousands — attended, and it was spectacularly received.

And let’s be honest. There were doubters. There were people who thought Rush wasn’t gonna be able to pull it off. They were all on the left, and when they saw what happened, that it was absolutely unbelievable and triumphant. And that’s gonna be celebrated. We’re gonna be doing it on Friday. You’re gonna hear all kinds of phenomenal sound, memories, recollections. It’s gonna be terrific.

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