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BRETT: So there is a new study out that says any amount of alcohol — drinking any amount of alcohol — is harmful to the brain. The U.K. Daily Mail with a write-up on it. “Time to ditch the wine? Drinking ANY amount of alcohol is harmful to the brain, study warns.” This all… I mean, come on. This runs in stark contrast to the one glass a day, two glasses a day.

How many glasses a day are you supposed to have? This stuff is incredible, and it so often motivates the left (chuckles) to try to find things that they think are bad and should be taken away from you. Remember when eggs were bad for you?

Coffee? Sitting? (Even this show, obviously.) Alcohol has long been the target of the left. They’re once again going after your favorite adult beverage, saying it’s bad for you, that any amount is harmful to your brain. Back in 2008, Rush talked about the left’s guilt list.

RUSH: So this friend sends me a note and says, “I got to thinking all of the things that liberals have guilted us into giving up, guilted us into using or banning. So, Rush, I started making a list. Most of these things have proven to be not the threat they made us think, or they’ve proven to be worse than what we originally were doing — unintended consequences.

“However, the one consequence that I know, Rush, was intended was the left taking freedom and liberty so that they can control us.” Now, here’s just a partial list of some things that the left has guilted us into either giving up, guilted us into using, or banning.

It’s just a partial list: prayer, lead paint, low-flow toilets. Freon in air-conditioning, had to get rid of that. Aerosol cans. Had to say good-bye to those. Paper bags, we had to go to biodegradable plastic bags, and now we found out those are destructive to the environment; we’re going to go back to paper.

How about oat bran? We had to get rid of that. We had to stop drinking coffee until we found out, no problem. We had to get rid of aerosol hair spray. They’re forcing ethanol on us. We have to get rid of incandescent light bulbs and replace them with compact fluorescents.

Balloons, you may have forgotten this, but there was an effort to ban balloons in certain parts of the country because they ended up in lakes, they ended up in oceans, ended up killing fish. Outdoor lighting at the beach during turtle season, turn ’em off. Cutting trees on your own property, you can’t do it. Nuclear power plants, no.

Coal mining, targeted. Trans fats in New York and other places, stop eating them, you can’t. Restaurants that serve them will be fined. Had to get rid of coconut oil for popcorn because the Center for Science in the Public Interest said that it added to clogged arteries, later found that it doesn’t, but you still can’t get popcorn popped in coconut oil. Smoking, of course.

We had to get rid of DDT, which has led to untold cases of deadly disease in Africa. Rachel Carson, big heroine here, actually her ban ended up killing millions. Helmets for bikers and skaters and motorcyclists, you have to wear them. We got rid of monkey bars on playgrounds.

We got rid of high slides on playgrounds. Too dangerous for the little kiddies. We had to get rid of toy guns, because it taught and trained little kids to use real guns. Seatbelts, have to use ’em. If you get caught without using them, you get fined. Car seats for the kids, got to have ’em.

Garbage disposals, they tried to ban garbage disposals in North Carolina. This is just a partial list, the real threat we face in this country is liberalism and the slow-but-certain encroachment on life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

People sit around and then just casually let all of these freedoms go, while not realizing what’s happening because they’re all done either demanding that we use certain things or not allowing us to use certain things. All of this is done within the framework of guilt.

BRETT: The thing about that list is, it’s incredible how much of that has just happened in the last 25 or 30 years, the encroachment over time. They exhaust you with the banning of products. And still, you’ll have people come out and they’ll say, “Well, we have to fund elementary education or pre-elementary education or pre-K through the taxation on cigarettes.

“So we’ll tax cigarettes because cigarettes are bad for you, they’ll kill you. But if you’re gonna be smoking, you’re gonna help fund the pre-K programs around the country.” Oh, and, by the way, the new magic thing that you can fund anything with — everybody can get it, get whatever you what in terms of it? The “Buy as much as you want; it’s all wonderful,” depending on your jurisdiction, is marijuana.

After being told for, you know, a hundred years that it’ll make you go crazy. The point is, the left has just got this amazing moving bar of the stuff you can’t do. They tell you, “You can;” they tell you, “You can’t,” and what did we just see with the masks? I mean, my gosh, we’ve got at least 45 or 50 reversals just from Fauci alone on the masks.

Wear the mask. Don’t wear the mask. You should wear the mask. You absolutely should not wear the mask. I’m only wearing the mask to make the people who want me to wear the mask feel better, but you should make your own decision. Bottom line: If you feel like you should wear a mask, then you must wear a mask. It’s really exhausting trying to keep up with the left.

It’s a full-time job, which is what Rush did so very, very, very, very well behind the Golden EIB Microphone, ’cause he was able to document everything they were trying to do. And at the end of the day, the thing that had the bull’s-eye on it the most is freedom and liberty. Freedom and liberty. I know it feels like this is a never-ending struggle. It’s because it is.

I think it is, and I think Rush is a hundred percent right when you consider that there are people who wake up every single day looking how to put your joy through a wringer and to wring out any amount of joy and happiness that you could possibly have in your daily life. It is a full-time job for so many of these people because their feet hit the floor and they say, “You know what? You know what? Let’s make ’em miserable by banning them or telling them they should ban this.”

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