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BRETT: Today’s EIB High Note… I always love this. It’s my favorite part of the whole show, seriously. The EIB High Note is about an event like no other, and it began with a phone call from a guy named Dan.

DAN: Hello to Dan Hubbard in Dallas, Oregon, who turned me on to the show.

RUSH: Yeah.

DAN: And thanks for sending me his used Limbaugh Letters, since I can’t afford a subscription yet.

RUSH: Wait a minute. He’s sending you his used Limbaugh Letters?

DAN: Well, Xeroxed copies.

RUSH: I’ll tell you what we’ll do. We will send you a subscription and charge it to our production budget. We’ll take it out of Johnny Donovan’s budget. (laughing) Hang on, can you?

DAN: Yeah.

RUSH: Don’t go away. I’ll tell you what. I’ll tell you what let’s do. I’ve got a better idea. Dan, are you still there?

DAN: Yeah, I’m still here.

RUSH: Okay. Dan, here’s what we’re going to do.

DAN: Okay.

RUSH: You must organize a bake sale. Have a bake sale. Are you married?

DAN: Yeah.

RUSH: Does your wife bake?

DAN: Well, yeah, but she hates your show. That’s another reason I can’t get The Letter. She won’t let us put the finances to it.

RUSH: Then it is up to you to go out and earn money independently from your wife. So have her bake some stuff and don’t tell her why. This is a great way to get even, bake some stuff. Also, for this to work, your friend is going to have to stop enabling you. Your friend is going to have to stop making copies of The Limbaugh Letter and sending them to you.

Now, I’m serious about this. I want you to get the bake sale, the baked goods; I want you to put ’em on display wherever you work or wherever you want to do this. You’re out there raising money. Have somebody take a picture of it so that we know you’ve done it. We’ll put a picture in the newsletter of you showing how hard you worked based upon the desire you felt to have a subscription. You will appreciate it so much more than if we just acted sorry for you and gave you a subscription.

BRETT: The Limbaugh Letter was the spark that ignited, not only a movement, but an unforgettable day in Fort Collins, Colorado. Tomorrow, the editrix, Diana Schneider, and creative director, Denise Mei, will be joining the show to give us an update on what’s going on over at The Limbaugh Letter and share their firsthand account of being at Dan’s Bake Sale. We’ll have some great stories and priceless memories. You are not gonna want to miss this. It is going to be a spectacular, spectacular program.

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