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BRETT: What a difference a day makes. Our top story of the day, obviously, the battle between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. Things have changed in the overnight hours as a ceasefire has been achieved, and that is big news. It was a ceasefire not brokered by the United States of America but rather brokered by the Egyptians who were able to get the operations paused by Israel, the IDF, and of course what’s gone on with the terrorist organization Hamas.

The Democrats are seeing a tectonic shift on this conflict as things are starting to move in a different sort of way. Remember yesterday we were telling you about the violence on the streets of Los Angeles as Palestinian protesters, activists, what have you, started attacking Jewish diners at a sushi restaurant, including the smashing of a window at a Jewish-owned store. Well, we’ve seen arrests in Times Square over a similar sort of melee that took place.

A Jewish man was beating, pro Palestinian, pro-Israel protesters clashing in New York Times Square and last night in the wake of this ceasefire brokered not by the Biden administration — let me underscore that — not by the Biden administration but rather Egypt, President Biden issued a statement from the White House that he spoke with the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. He said this:

BIDEN: My conversation with President Netanyahu, I commended him for the decision to bring the current hostilities to a close in less than 11 days. You know, we’ve held high-level discussions hour-by-hour literally, Egypt, the Palestinian Authority, and other Middle Eastern countries with the aim of avoiding the sort of prolonged conflict we’ve seen in previous years when hostilities have broken out.

BRETT: You are correct if you heard him refer to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as President Netanyahu, but they can’t say — what is the difference, really? President, prime minister, we’re just lucky he got the name right attached to the prime minister of Israel. Rush laid out a perfect argument as to why this ceasefire just isn’t going to work.

RUSH: It hasn’t changed. All my life, the way this story plays out hasn’t changed. Ceasefire? The last thing that needs to happen is a ceasefire. And one of the reasons why is that I am the mayor of Realville. And I’m gonna tell you, this conflict is like every other: There isn’t going to be a solution, there isn’t going to be a winner until one side militarily defeats the other. This is a world governed by the aggressive use of force. We do not live in a world governed by speeches and words and doctors and clean water and all that.

Now, in America we may think we can live in a world like that. Touchy-feely, but the rest of the world doesn’t operate that way, as we are seeing whenever we go. You could go get videotape of any Israeli, Hamas conflict, war, whatever, from ten years ago, five years ago, play those tapes today, they’d be no different. The coverage would be no different. The cameras, the pictures would be no different. The commentary would be no different, and the never-ending incessant calls for a ceasefire would be no different, because that always happens, too. “We must stop the violence, Mr. Limbaugh, it’s something that we all must work together on.”

Yeah, we’ve been trying to stop the violence my whole life. In fact, we’ve been trying to stop the violence before I was born. We’ve been trying to stop it. It’s not gonna stop until one side can’t perpetrate any anymore, and who knows if that would be allowed to happen.

You have to understand that war is the Hamas source of income. When they attack Israel, they know that the U.S. is gonna rush in with bags of money. A ceasefire is Hamas’ way of demanding more money from the U.S. in exchange for the ceasefire. I’ve seen this. There’s nothing new about this. In fact, there’s a real danger in that, too, because real people are losing their lives, real terrorism is taking place here, and it’s made to look like an ordinary, everyday occurrence, which over there it almost is.

I’m being serious here, without being sarcastic, I’m telling you, this is gonna keep happening. Even if there is a ceasefire, it’s gonna happen in a week or two or a month or two. Until Hamas is militarily defeated, this is going to continue. It’s just the way of the world, folks. Military conflicts do not end with negotiation until after one side’s beaten into oblivion and unable to conduct military operations. It’s just the way.

Now, I know many of you who are under 40 may not have been taught that, and that may sound too mean and angry and militaristic, but it’s really been the way of the world. Now, the Japanese, we had a thing called World War II, and it involved fighting in Europe and fighting in the Pacific. And we won in both places. For example, we beat the Japanese. I mean, the people who make PlayStation, you might have trouble believing we were at war with them at one time. And we beat ’em, and there was a surrender. It took place on the USS Missouri. You can visit the USS Missouri now. It’s a museum ship.

The Japanese surrendered. But it wasn’t because there were negotiations between us and the emperor of Japan. It’s because we wiped them out. You might have heard about this. We dropped a couple of nuclear bombs on them. I’m sure you’ve been taught that. We dropped a couple of nuclear bombs. You probably have been taught that we did this for the fun of it, ’cause we’re mean-spirited extremists. But it was in a war when we dropped those bombs, and back in those days, you won wars by killing civilians. The same thing in Germany. When we bombed Germany, we were not bombing military targets. There wasn’t any Conflict Resolution 101 back then. I know this is gonna be shocking news to some of you, but we actually — and not just us. Everybody targeted civilians, and that’s how you won a war, and the Japanese then surrendered and they signed the terms of surrender, and they also pledged to form a new government.

It all happened ’cause we beat them with guns and bullets and rockets and missiles, battleships and airplanes. And that’s been the way of the world. There hasn’t been a military conflict successfully ended without one side being run out of town, humiliated, defeated, or beaten down to the point they have no will to continue. And it’s the same thing here. So this ceasefire means nothing in the long term. And you will continue to be told that it was words and negotiation and diplomacy and statesmanship which solved the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, and it isn’t solved. And it hasn’t been stopped, and nobody’s won it yet. This is outreach to the young, outreach to the youth. You’ve gotta talk to ’em on a level they understand, and then you build on that. That’s how it’s done.

BRETT: And the reality is, the main party involved in this battle between Hamas and Israel is not present at that table, is not part of that conversation, and it’s Iran. We know that to be the case because Iran sponsors Hamas. They are a proxy for Iran. Hezbollah in Lebanon is a proxy for Iran. The Iranian-backed forces in Syria are proxies for Iran. And so when you have a ceasefire brokered by Egypt, Egypt’s not getting rocketed by Hamas. And if Hamas was stupid enough to fire rockets into Egypt, it would roll right into Gaza, and it wouldn’t be funny. And they know that. They absolutely know that. So you have the president of the United States in Joe Biden allegedly working this deal, brokering this deal.

Do you know where Tony Blinken was last night? I know where he was. Do you know where he’s been for the last four or five days? He parachuted into Ukraine to talk about how we support Ukraine. Sure thing. Right on, Tony, since we grin lit the Nord Stream 2 pipeline deal with the Germans. Yeah, we got Ukraine’s back, don’t we? Not quite. Tony Blinken was in Savannah. He was in Denmark. And the headline moving today is that he told the people of Greenland, the prime minister of Greenland that we’re not interested in buying Greenland as a referenced to the old Trump era.

But here’s the thing. You don’t have a secretary of state on the ground talking to Bibi Netanyahu — have the president talking to him on the phone thinking he’s talking to president Netanyahu on the phone and the reality is, let’s be honest here, folks.

If Bibi Netanyahu said no, Joe Biden, the president of the United States, quote, most powerful person in the world had no hand to play. He granted that he was gonna restock the Iron Dome weapons system. But what was Biden gonna say, “no”? Joe Biden was unmasked as not having the power that he thinks he has a president because it was the Egyptians that brokered the deal. And the reason why, the reason why, he had to beg Netanyahu to wind down the operations is because he’s desperately trying to sell out the Mideast to Iran in Vienna, on their nuclear deal, to remove all the sanctions, to put all the money in the ayatollahs’ and the mullahs’ pockets. And what you think is gonna happen when he announces that deal and two months later Hamas has got a restocked supply of missiles courtesy of the Islamic Republic of Iran?

This is just an operational pause, for all intents and purposes. In fact, when Netanyahu was first approached by Biden to think about winding this down, he said, “I’m not done with my operations yet. Once I end my operations, then we’ll talk about a ceasefire.” That’s what he granted him. Joe Biden and Tony Blinken, they don’t have to live in that neighborhood. Netanyahu does.


BRETT: Mary is in Detroit, Michigan. Mary, welcome to the Rush Limbaugh Show.

CALLER: Hi there, thanks for taking my call.

BRETT: Yes, ma’am.

CALLER: Going back to the original story on the show today, the problems with Israel hearses Hezbollah. Actually, it’s versus Iran.

BRETT: Right.

CALLER: It reminded me I am old enough to remember the Cuban Missile Crisis when there was a Kennedy who had some guts.

BRETT: Mmm-hmm.

CALLER: John F. Kennedy. I actually remember where I was standing looking at the TV when he said this. He said, “One missile fired anywhere toward the United States or its allies, we will consider to be a declaration of war by the Soviet Union against the United States and we will respond accordingly.”

BRETT: What a far cry from what we have today, Mary.

CALLER: Absolutely. Absolutely. I also remember Dan’s Bake Sale. I wasn’t there but I do remember listening all about it when it was actually happening and thinking, wow.

BRETT: It was an incredible unifying moment. I think the people who were there have been joined now with the people who know about it and who remember it, and I know when we mentioned Dan’s Bake Sale starting last week about the memories of this, I know people immediately started getting very, very excited because it was one of these great signature moments in the history of Rush Limbaugh and the Rush Limbaugh Show. And, Mary, I appreciate you parachute holding on and checking in with us today. Thank you so much.

CALLER: God bless. Bye-bye.

BRETT: You too. That’s Mary checking in.

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