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JASON: Former NFL offensive lineman assistant coach Eugene Chung, who’s Korean, says he was told, quote, he was not the right minority when interviewing for an NFL coaching job. Boy, didn’t see that one coming. The NFL, politically correct? The NFL woke? Why, I never would have imagined that. And nobody wants to stand up and say anything. The Rooney Rule, all the way back in 2003, requires a litmus test quota to interview the right racial candidate. This is the difference between equity and equality. And not long ago, once again, Rush hit it on the head with this…

RUSH: The NFL is all troubled every year after head coach openings are filled but not enough African-Americans are hired. And they’ve got the Rooney Rule. They’ve got the Rooney Rule requiring that more African-Americans be interviewed to try to get them known by people who make hiring decisions at various NFL teams. And still the hiring rate is unsatisfactorily low. You look at who does get hired as head coaches, and if you follow the trail, it is astounding what a closed community the NFL coaching community is.

For example, the defensive coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers, well, this is where it’s gonna break down because my memory is gonna fail me here. But the head coach of the Green Bay Packers is a brother of an offensive coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers. And all three, the defensive coordinator the 49ers, they were all together on a college staff somewhere. And it’s this way at every team. Or a lot of teams, where there is this, like, the head coach of the Chicago Bears used to be with the Philadelphia Eagles. Then the Kansas City Chiefs. Then got to be known by … It’s everywhere, this business of who you know mattering as much as what you know in terms of getting a job.

JASON: You know, this endless race-baiting, that’s what it is. White privilege, all of the racial thing. You know, I’m surprised that MSNBC didn’t do a segment on the PGA Championship and how that evoked white privilege. I mean, did you see the sand traps at the PGA yesterday? They were all white. I knew it. This is insidious racism. This is the difference, as I say, between equity and equality. Equality says you treat people equally. You don’t pick out reporters based on their color. You don’t have quotas for job hiring or admission to higher ed. You treat people equally. Even John Roberts once said the best way to end discrimination by race is to stop discriminating by race.

Equity, on the other hand, says you discriminate by race right now against white people, but it could be black or brown tomorrow, until you get the outcome you want. That’s why the left, and the media lackeys, are using the term “equity” all the time. They’re tainting the jury pool so you understand this is not about equality. It is about using racism to achieve an outcome that is, in their mind, equitable. Which is at war with the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, Martin Luther King. Why do you think the 14th Amendment says no state shall deny anyone the equal protection of the law? For that very reason. And yet Lori Lightfoot has violated the 14th Amendment, and, quite frankly, she ought to be sued over it. This has gotta stop if we’re gonna have anything left of a cohesive America. And it needs to stop right now.

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