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JASON: Think about this for just a second, folks. We’ve already spent — Biden has proposed $6 trillion in new spending in his first three months. As I mentioned when I was serving in the 115th Congress, the federal budget was $4.1 trillion. Roughly. Now we spend that on covid relief, $5.7 trillion and counting. The CARES Act. PPP money. The American rescue plan. And you know what? Part of the covid bill went for mass transit. And now they want more mass transit in the infrastructure plan. On CNN — where else? — State of the Union, Biden adviser Cedric Richmond, who’s a far better baseball pitcher than he is an adviser — I batted against him in the congressional baseball game — talked about their real plans for infrastructure spending.

RICHMOND: The president coming down $550 billion off of his initial proposal I think shows the willingness to negotiate in good faith and in a serious manner. And the real question is whether the Republicans will meet the effort that the president is showing.

JASON: Yeah, we’re gonna go from three trillion down to two and a half trillion. Thanks, Cedric. That’s like a high and tight fastball. Thanks, but no thanks. Meanwhile, over at ABC Susan Collins told Stephanopoulos that negotiations should continue, but…

COLLINS: What is infrastructure? We Republicans tend to define infrastructure in terms of roads, bridges, seaports, and the airports and broadband. The Democratic definition seems to include social programs that have never been considered part of core infrastructure.

JASON: Well, that’s true. But let’s be honest about this, gang. The Republican position needs to be simply this. “No”. We’re not gonna do it. We spent $5.7 trillion in covid relief. Some of that money has been deferred already. I repeat, deferred already, into the next fiscal year. Why not take that money and spend it on infrastructure? We’ve got $30 billion for public transit in part of a infrastructure plan, and 40 billion from the covid bills. Meanwhile, can I tell you about mass transit in the Midwest? Mass transit ridership, according to the senior editor of City Journal, Steve Malanga I believe it is, in a Wall Street Journal piece not long ago.

Mass transit ridership declining since 2014, falling by double digits before the pandemic in more than two dozen major metro areas, despite billions in subsidies. They love mass transit. They want you out of your car. They don’t like mobility. They don’t like freedom of movement. They don’t like any of this stuff. That’s why they’re pushing this. And this infrastructure bill will have earmarks. Rush talked about that not long ago…

RUSH: Well, the Democrats have begun rolling out their cure-all for the American economy. A massive government spending program that will supposedly create or preserve two and a half million new jobs. The spending will focus on rebuilding infrastructure. In other words, glorified earmarks for Democrats to hand out to buy votes for future elections. It was just last week New Jersey governor Jon Corzine and New York senator Chuck You Schumer floated the idea of up to $700 billion in new spending. Over the weekend Bill Clinton’s old economic team, now camp Obama’s economic team, was sent out to embrace the idea. Now, for the whole time that we’ve been in Iraq, folks, the left has complained about the cost of defending our nation. But even though this stimulus package would cost more in two years than the entire seven and a half year war effort in Iraq, there are no complaints.

Not even a raised eyebrow from the entire liberal establishment. Instead, they gleefully count this plan as the second coming of the New Deal. Now, folks, if we’re gonna spend 700 billion to create or preserve just two and a half million jobs, why stop there? Why not just spend trillions? Shouldn’t matter how much. And have the government employ anybody. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, right? If the government wants to buy votes, then leave no voter behind. I mean, this is change liberals can believe in. How about it, guys? Go for it all.

JASON: Amen, Rush. Rush is right.

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