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JASON: The EIB High Note — this is a good one. I gotta say, I saw this video today during show prep here, and it did — it did crack me up. There was this dog that managed to get away from its owner during a track meet recently. You think, well, that’s kind of funny, but not that funny. No, actually, it was funny.

They’ve got these people running around the tracker, and all of a sudden the pooch not only gets away from the owner, but actually assumes a lane and looks like it was an official entrant in the darn thing, catches over the span of the turn, catches the leader, eventually overtakes the other runners and takes first place.

It’s a hilarious video, and there are many more there at RushLimbaugh.com. You gotta check that out. And somebody needs to give that dog a medal or a bone or something. Speaking of comic relief, I do remember when Rush talked about his dogs receiving a fan letter. Remember that? Here’s how it went.

RUSH: Two days ago I’m talking about my old English sheepdogs, Abbey and Wellesley, and they got a fan letter. They got a fan letter from another sheepdog named Garcia. Our sheepdogs got a fan letter from another sheepdog over in the west coast of Florida named Garcia. And this sheepdog Garcia is in a novel, stars in a novel, Don Bruns I think is the author.

Anyway, I told Kathryn I’m gonna mention this, and she said Snerdley is gonna say you have been totally chickified if you start talking about your dogs having received a fan letter from another dog. Well, it happened. So —

JASON: It happens. I mean, animal lovers. I guess — watching Tucker the other night and there’s chicken lovers out there, people that actually have chickens as pets. Hey, I’m all for pets. Don’t get me wrong. They’re great.

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