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JASON: Before we get to all the news of the day, this just in from the National Association of Scholars. They are tired of white privilege. They are tired of a lack of diversity. They are tired of discrimination, they are tired of it all, and that’s why they say that Asian-Americans need to be kept out of Harvard. I have no idea how that works, but, apparently, that’s the policy of the higher ed. folks at Harvard. Isn’t that great? I mean, the Supreme Court should take up this decision. Harvard is discriminating against Asian-Americans based on the color of their skin, their ethnicity. for diversity reasons. This is what equity is, not equality.

Anyway, welcome to the great state, the Great Lakes State of Minnesota from whence this program is being broadcast today. So glad, again, to be guiding you through the program. And, you know, don’t let all of the riots over the last year discourage you, because the tourism folks here in the great state of Minnesota are handing out bulletproof vests for free when you arrive; so just in case you go downtown, you’re safe. Don’t worry about it.

Friends, if you didn’t live through Jimmy Carter in the 1970s and the inflation, the taxes, the stagflation, and the crime, you’re gonna get a second chance, because that is what’s happening one year after the riot that devastated America, and they started here in Minneapolis. You know, a lot of the people on the left are now saying that, “Well, Jason, you don’t understand. There’s a great injustice that was perpetrated, and that unleashed this sort of collective outrage. And we have to honor that. Has to be a racial reckoning,” and all of that. Where was the lack of justice? This was the swiftest prosecution of police officers in history, the history of Minnesota. The Hennepin County district attorney, before he was removed for not being woke enough — and he’s a liberal Democrat, by Attorney General Keith Ellison, before he took over the case — before he was removed he said this was the swiftest prosecution in history.

He was found guilty. Derek Chauvin was found guilty. Now, there were so many errors in the trial, I think it will be overturned. But nevertheless where was the lack of justice here? So that can’t explain the continuing violence, the continuing outrage, the continuing chaos that’s engulfed America. It is the policy of liberalism that has turned our cities loose.

As Heather Mac Donald says in today’s Wall Street Journal, it’s open season in Minneapolis. Well, it’s open season across the country. Minneapolis homicides between January 1 and last week, according to Mac Donald, were up 108% compared with the same period in 2020. Shootings up 153%. Carjackings, 222%. This has nothing to do with the fact that they didn’t put Derek Chauvin to death yesterday. This has everything to do with what happens when you fail to defend the 3rd Precinct to prevent torching and looting and arson and you let the criminals run free, and the criminals were part of the BLM, they were part of Antifa.

They were not all of them, but they were part of them. That’s why they keep advocating for abolishing the police, for abolishing capitalism, private property. This is not the civil rights protests of the 1960s. This is a revolution that a means to attack law and order, private property, capitalism, and basically substitute race for class in their Marxist theory. That’s what we’re up against here. And yet they still don’t get it, do they? They still don’t get it on the left. White House press secretary Jen Psaki on the tragic death of George Floyd a year ago. Here’s what she said.

PSAKI: Certainly the tragic death of George Floyd has unfortunately elevated into the public eye ,thanks to the reporting from many of you, the need to put reforms into place, the need to rebuild trust in communities, and we’re certainly hopeful that — that activism, that engagement will help move this legislation across the finish line.

JASON: Good Lord. Jen Psaki is living proof we have not won the war on drugs. I’m telling you friends, the idea that we need to put reforms in place, what the hell do you think the last year was about in reforms, abolish the police, defund the police, let criminals go? Look at the D.A. in L.A. The D.A. in L.A., the district attorney, is every single gang member, every single criminal, every single thug’s favorite cop. He’s letting them go. Newsom is letting 76,000 criminals out. We are refusing to keep private property, the first duty of government, safe from arson. Those are the reforms, Jen Psaki, you’re talking about? ‘Cause we’ve tried ’em. How’s it working out for you so far?

You know, it’d be easy to blame the city of Minneapolis which started this nonsense, the city council that said, oh, we gotta defund the police in the wake of George Floyd. Well, it’s easy to blame them, but don’t fall for that. This is not just the fault of the city council of Minneapolis, which makes the Politburo look sane. This is the fault of every single Democrat in America and every single media hack who backs them in America. They have got their wish, and they have destroyed the country. Our cities are out of control, and they ought to pay. I’m talking about Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, talking about Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo, Phil Murphy and Tim Walz, and the lunatic governor of Washington.

I’m talking about each and every one of them that have wreaked havoc on this country like we have not seen since the 1960s, except in the 1960s there were adults in the room who said it was wrong when they were putting bombs under cop cars. Today they endorse it. This is so bizarre, it’s almost Orwellian. And I’m telling you what’s happening, what’s happening is more chaos. Listen to Steve Dykstra. He’s a former Minneapolis police officer who left.

DYKSTRA: When police don’t have any tools to use anymore, they feel pretty helpless out there. We take away loitering laws, pursuit, the ability to pursue vehicles, you don’t have to stop for the police in Minneapolis anymore, thanks to Mayor Frey and the city council. And what you see is chaos, violence, and recurring crime.

JASON: Think about that. You don’t have to stop for the police anymore. I mean, the homicides that have occurred, the hundred-plus homicides in Minneapolis since this nonsense started a year ago, I think one was at the hands of a police officer. Well, of course. There was a shoot-out downtown over the weekend in the land of 10,000 guns. And that’s the problem, of course, guns. Now, understand this. What I’m saying here, when you basically neuter the police department, what do you think you’re going to get? That’s what Governor Walz and Jacob Frey and Melvin Carter and Tina Smith — I ran a campaign for the U.S. Senate all through this last year. And during my campaign, we tried to make law and order a central feature. I toured south Minneapolis where this occurred. I toured north Minneapolis.

I toured Frogtown and the east side of St. Paul, all these areas where you have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of buildings demolished or burned. Family hairstyle shops that were gone, all of them minority-owned businesses, they wanted more police. But yet, but yet when I say blame Democrats, I want you to listen to me. I made law and order a center feature of my campaign for the U.S. Senate. My opponent, Tina Smith, made riots and chaos a feature. She was basically adding fuel to the fire, encouraging more rioting, encouraging more chaos. She sided with the thugs, and she won. Well, ahem. We think she won. I got more votes than any Republican in the state history. But nevertheless she won, according to the tally that Steve Simon decided to use, the secretary of state.

What does that say about half the people of Minnesota who voted for more chaos, who voted for more arson, who voted for more crime so they could virtue signal with their stupid masks on while their neighbor’s business was burning? That’s why I blame the liberal intelligentsia. Rush has got a great clip. I want to get to that. Mike, do we have time? Let’s go ahead. Yes or no? Yeah, yeah. We got three minutes here. Let’s play Rush’s audio, then we’ll come back with Heather Mac Donald in the next segment.

RUSH: Stop and think. It wasn’t that long ago that our police and first responders were seen as American heroes. You remember the iconic images, police officers, men and women, firefighters running toward the Twin Towers on 9/11, purposely. They were going in, trying to save as many lives as they could. Athletes were proud to hoist the American flag on the field of play. Everybody rallied around the flag, and it wasn’t that long ago. And the police and first responders were the heroes of the day.

Everybody appreciated and loved them and hoisted them, held them up on pedestals. Now, today, policemen and women are all being lumped into a pool of evil villains. They’re yelled at. They are attacked, demeaned. By who? Groups of rioters. Now, let me tell you something, folks. It’s not ideas targeting police officers. “Oh, yeah, Antifa, it’s an idea. It’s not. It’s people.

Ideas are not burning down buildings, killing innocent Americans. It’s not ideas that are attacking law enforcement in their patrol cars and then laughing about it. Policemen and women are being lumped into a pool of evil villains. They’re being yelled at. They’re being attacked. They’re being demeaned by groups of rioters. It’s terrible what’s going on. In our cities, even our small towns. And to us here, it’s not acceptable, period.

On the contrary, it’s time we made them heroes again, because they always have been, and they always will be. Law enforcement, plainclothes, uniform, whatever, first responders, firefighters, they are heroes. They do jobs that most of us would not do. It’s time we support them again. It’s time to make safety and security for all Americans a top priority. There was no way our society could function without them. And now we’ve got defund the cop movements which, by the way, fell flat in Minneapolis. There’s actual advocacy of wounding and killing law enforcement by left-wing political groups to the approval of the Democrat Party. Unacceptable. It’s not who we are, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, this is not who we are. Who we are is the way we were 15, 18, 19 years ago, after 9/11.

And look how quickly, look how quickly the political movement behind all this has been able to effect this kind of change. They’ve turned a bunch of white, Millennial young people into people that hate law enforcement on the basis that — it’s white supremacy, it’s white privilege or what have you. Nothing could be further from the truth. But that’s how successful they have been in their political efforts.

JASON: And that’s exactly right. Rush talked about their political effort. I want everybody to understand what’s going on, whether it’s the New York Times, 1619, whether it’s critical race theory, which we’ll talk about a little bit later, whether it’s the riots over George Floyd, this is a political movement. It’s not about justice. Not about racial harmony. It is about substituting race for class. Marxism-fomented revolution based on class. These Marxists are fomenting revolution based on racial division, and they’re getting it in the streets.


JASON: Heather Mac Donald has really been focused, zeroed in — she’s the scholar at the Manhattan Institute. And she wrote a book, The War on Cops. She’s been very, very much a law-and-order person for many, many years. And she’s got the data. She shared a little bit of that in the Wall Street Journal today, but also I believe she was on Fox. And here’s what she had to say.

MAC DONALD: The political attack on the police, the cops are backing off, and criminals are emboldened. And if we don’t turn this around, this is gonna be a very bad summer. The fact of the matter is the mainstream media is profoundly racist. It’s does not give a damn about Black Lives Matter. Nineteen children have been shot in Minneapolis this year have not been covered.

If those were white children I can guarantee you there would be a national revolution, the coverage would be around the clock. The media only cares about black lives when they’re killed by a cop.

JASON: It’s true. I mean if Harvard were to say, “Guess what? We’re gonna have a higher SAT score threshold for black Americans than white Americans, than Asian-Americans,” there would be all hell to pay, as there should be. But that’s exactly what they’re doing to Asian-Americans, and nobody says a word about it. There was the NFL the coach who was Korean who said didn’t get the job and said I wasn’t the right minority. What we’re dealing with is racism on the left.

I don’t care whether it’s white privilege or whether it’s the mayor of Chicago not giving interviews to white people or whether it’s Harvard or whether it’s black-on-black crime that’s ignored, the single biggest racists in the country are liberals. They are obsessed with race. They don’t want to a colorblind society. They want favored races depending on how they feel at the time. And they hide behind their little virtue signaling masks and their trust funds, and they’re guided by these rich, white Millennials and these soccer moms who are white, wealthy, and liberal joining Indivisible and pretend they care about things. And it’s high time we get serious about this and start giving as good as we get. Because this is a direct threat to equality under the law, to a — quite frankly, a constitutional republic.

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