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KEN: I don’t know if you saw, but Joe Biden will be unveiling a $6 trillion budget today. That’s $6 trillion. And very quickly, just for reference, let me jump over to the national debt clock. This is where I think that so much of what people do in Washington, D.C., is just theater. I just think it’s theater. How do you listen to people with a straight face anymore, Republicans or Democrats? Especially people there have been there for 20, 30, 40 years? Right now, the national debt is $28 trillion and counting, $28 trillion. And this Bozo, Biden, I don’t want any confusion. Yes, I’m calling Biden a Bozo. This is the older Biden, not the one that’s going to prison sooner, Hunter. But the older Biden unveiled a $6 trillion budget, for what?

See, my theory is the level of theater is just, because there’s so much money that people associated with the government can make off this. And that’s why they work so hard at convincing you to be comfortable with being in debt $28 trillion. This morning on Fox, former Trump economic adviser Steve Moore argued this is not what the American people, even the Democrats, voted for.

MOORE: I’ve covered every budget bill since Ronald Reagan was president. So, that’s 35, 36 years. I’ve never seen anything like this. These Democrats are like kids in a candy store, I want this and this and this and this and this. And you may raise one other important point. You know, the only agencies that don’t seem massive spending increases in this budget are national defense and our homeland security. And I would argue those are the two most important priorities of our federal government. So we’re cutting those, and we’re giving massive increases to social welfare programs. I think it’s insane, and I think every Democrat who is a fiscally responsible person should vote against this.

KEN: You know, it is amazing when you think about the people that paint “defund the police” on the streets of major cities. Where murders and rapes and other violence is up. They’re the people that want to give billions of dollars so teachers can teach children how to hate white children. I mean, that’s what it is. There’s no way around it. That’s what it is. We’re gonna take control. We’re gonna control the minds of teachers and the minds of the media.

But what Steve Moore just said… I would imagine the national defense is in the top five. I’m just guessing. I don’t have the data yet to prove this, but I would imagine it’s in the top five desires of patriots, regardless. And there are patriots of all sizes and shapes and parties. But if you sat down any person that loves America, I bet you national defense would be in the top five. Because it defends the nation. That’s the part that Biden doesn’t understand. Although they did raise the budget to keep barbwire fences and military around them at the Capitol. Which still rubs me the wrong way.

I mean, of all the things that break my heart the most about this last six months is that just the whole fact that they stole Washington from us. So, you can’t go now to Washington with your son or your daughter and say, hey, let’s go in here real quick. This is where they vote on the bills. Or this is where they do that. Or let’s go in here. This is that thing that you saw on TV. You can’t anymore. And those are all our buildings. It’s all our money. So, what they’ve managed to do is put us in such a trance that we accept what’s happening financially. Now, Rush had a great lesson on this. It’s called baseline budgeting.

RUSH: The simplest way to explain the baseline budget is the federal budget’s not like your household budget. In your household budget, you look, if you do one. Let’s hypothetically say you do. You look at what you spent last year, you look at this current year, and you estimate as close as you can what your income is going to be. And then you budget what your spending is going to be. And every year you do that starting from zero. That’s not how the federal government does it. There is a thing in the federal government called the current services baseline. And that is the starting point every year, not zero.

There is not one government department or agency, that every year, looks at what it was given to spend, and then what it did spend, and is then budgeted accordingly. So, let’s say that agriculture was budgeted, I’m just gonna make up some numbers here. Let’s say the agriculture department was budgeted a hundred billion dollars, and they spent 70. You would think okay, next year they’ll be budgeted $70 billion. No. Because of baseline budgeting, the more they spend, the more they will be allowed to spend, or budgeted to spend, the next year. The current services baseline essentially, and I’m gonna cut through a bunch of legalese to explain this to you. The current services baseline requires, mandates, whatever, that every line item in the federal budget be increased by anywhere from three to 10% every year. No matter what is spent on that line item.

The more that is spent, the more that will be budgeted the next year. This was done purposefully to make sure the government would never shrink and never get smaller. Look. Spending money is a member of Congress’ job. Spending money is a senator’s job. That’s, after getting reelected, that’s the job. And that’s how you stay in office, spending the money. That’s how you buy votes. That’s how you boy loyalty. It’s a vicious, vicious cycle.

KEN: What a great comment, because it is a vicious cycle, and then along came Donald J. Trump in 2016. And he said, what’s up with this cycle? Why do you guys keep doing this? This is absurd. Who designed this? And then the Republicans and the Democrats said, “Who the heck are you, orange man?” We don’t even want you in here with all your gold-plated stuff. Your toilet seats and stuff in your hotel and your success and understanding budgets. You’re either gonna be in on our little game or you’re out. And then President Trump said, but what about the American people? People shmeeple. They’re our money source.

We want people to get out there and bust their butt, because that’s where we get our money. And it is. And this is the hardest thing to explain. I think my kids are getting it. The most exciting moment for me, I’m so proud of my sons. They both have got three years of work, both of them, under their belt. One’s gonna be 17, and one’s gonna be 20 this summer. And they both have been working steadily for three years. And they see that.

And I’ll never forget, I’ll never forget the first day that paycheck came home, and my son had it all figured out. He had it all figured out, this is what I make an hour, I worked 39 hours this week. I normally only work 30, this gonna be great. And I didn’t say anything. I didn’t say anything. I just wanted him to see it. And he’s like, Dad? I go check — yeah, what’s up? I think they messed up my check. No, they didn’t. They’re starting to suck you dry now because the IRS knows who you are, and you have a Social Security number.

So, for the rest of your life, you will be paying for other people’s stuff as well. Oh, yeah, you’ll be paying for what we need, and that’s the biggest, most audacious, bad ass military in the world. I don’t have a problem paying for that, and I don’t have a problem for people that are really in need and totally incapable of taking care of themselves. Or have been in a situation where they need a leg up. But all the other stuff? Like billions of dollars to teach kids how to hate? Not a fan of it.

But, yeah, he was very disappointed. He said, is this gonna be in every check? I said, yeah. They’re called deductions. This is for this. This is for that. This goes to this. And I said, you know what, son? The more you make, the more they take. And he said, “Well, that’s not very fair. And I said, well, you’ll have to take it up with the IRS. People have been trying to take that up with the IRS for a long, long time. It’s amazing how long they’ve been doing that.”

Now, the Senate Republicans, they have revealed a $928 billion infrastructure counterproposal. Now, I know that sounds big, but last week it was 1.7 trillion, and you know what the big argument has been. The big argument is, we want trillions and trillions of dollars for infrastructure, and then they put everything under infrastructure. You know, you start ferreting around in there and you see all kinds of, you know, woke stuff and climate change garbage and everything. But I will say this. From at what I’m reading of the Senate’s proposal, at least there’s some common sense there. You know, 506 billion for roads, bridges, four billion toward electric vehicle infrastructure. Not a fan of that. But, anyway. 98 billion for public transit. 46 billion for passenger and freight rail. 21 billion for safety. 22 billion for ports and waterways. 56 billion for airports. It sounds very infrastructury to me, so far. You know, I keep looking for that line, two bill billion for Biden family defense attorneys.

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