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TODD: I spent a good, long time in the tech world, and I was rewarded financially and intellectually in that regard. I worked not directly for, but several levels under Bill Gates (before he got weird), and I do believe that technology is a tool. The problem is (laughing) that modern tech titans think of us as the tools, all right? So much of the business model makes us the product. It’s one of the reasons I personally don’t have a smart speaker in my house.

I’m not going to have a smart speaker in my house, or a thermostat, or anything like that. Two reasons. One is because I don’t trust the CEOs of those companies and their leftism. The other is because I know that if something can be coded, then it can be hacked. That’s just a fact. Code can be uncoded or recoded. But it’s not tech that’s the problem. “Amazon Customers Have One Week to Opt Out of a Mass Wireless Sharing Program.”

So the smart speakers and devices in your homes, Amazon foresaw that what they’re really building is a nationwide Wi-Fi network with all of these little touch points. Verizon did the same thing with their ladders. Comcast Cable did the same thing with their routers. They were building a nationwide infrastructure of mobile hot spots.

It’s a proxy for a national Wi-Fi network, which would allow them to track and run ads, et cetera, et cetera. It’s a brilliant, brilliant move. So you have one week to turn off this wireless sharing. Because, in my mind, “Hey, you want me to share my bandwidth? Send me a check! Oh, by the way, let me censor what runs on my network, ’cause Amazon has censored things.”

Incidentally, it looks like Amazon and Barnes & Noble have removed from view, the Fauch’s new book, called The Long Grift. We’ll talk about that, maybe tomorrow. So Rush, of course, loved tech — absolutely loved it — and the media is playing this game. They want to get clicks and views with scare bait about Amazon’s new device. But Rush warned us that the technology wasn’t our problem. Liberalism is.

RUSH: Are you aware of all of the talk from people like Bill Gates and Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking about the very real fear they have that artificial intelligence is going to wipe out humanity if we are not careful? Have you seen those stories? You have? Good. They’re everywhere, folks, particularly if you spend any time reading tech news.

Elon Musk and Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking are gods to techie Millennial people, and so is Bill Nye the Science Guy, to show you how screwed up these kids are. These four people are infallible. They are as close to religious figures as Millennial leftists will acknowledge. And they’re out there daily warning of the dangers posed by artificial intelligence.

What’s artificial intelligence? Well, think robots. I mean, basic artificial intelligence is Siri in your iPhone or whatever they have in Google, Alexa, the Amazon thing? All of these assistants in these various operating systems that you can talk to, dictate to, ask to find you things, that’s a very, very rudimentary artificial intelligence. But it’s being invested in daily. It’s being explored.

When you get into robotics — and I don’t mean butler and servant and waiter, waitress kind of robotics, but real robotics that takes over some jobs and leaves people forever unemployed ’cause the robots never get sick. We already have robotics, my point is. We’ve already got artificial intelligence. It’s called liberalism. The real people we should be afraid of in the world today are the people universities are churning out. You can see it in the comments section at Twitter, at Facebook. You can see these people everywhere.


They’re the most arrogant, condescending, excrement holes you have ever engaged, and they don’t know anything. But they think they do. They think they know everything. They think they’re smarter than you are. They think you’re stupid to boot, in addition to them being smart. They’re smug and they are condescending. But they don’t know anything. They have not been taught anything. They have been indoctrinated. They have been propagandized and it’s fascinating to watch. And that’s artificial intelligence.

These people are the genuine robots in our society today. These are the mind-numbed robots that American education has been churning out, in the case of Millennials, since day care. And they are not learning critical thinking. They are not learning any thinking. They are sponges. They are mind-numbed robots. They’re soaking it all up.

That’s the artificial intelligence that worries me. That’s the robotics that worries me, not whatever is happening in the world of high-tech robotics. My point is, don’t worry about AI, don’t worry about Siri taking control of your car and driving you off a cliff. Don’t worry about any of that. Worry about the artificial intelligence, the artificial education, and the mind-numbed robots that American education is creating today.

TODD: There it is.

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