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BRETT: Former President Trump and Bill O’Reilly announcing just in these last 24 hours that they are teaming up for a hard-hitting project. President Trump and Bill O’Reilly announcing a forthcoming stadium tour with dates this December. Both have a long history of filling venues. O’Reilly has toured with both Glenn Beck and Dennis Miller in the past.

Now, this is going to be different. President Trump could fill venues on his own, but with Bill O’Reilly on board, there’s a built-in reason to charge prevailing ticket prices and separate this kind of appearance from the rallies that President Trump has held for the last several years. You’ll remember when Rush shared the news on the Bill and Hillary Clinton tour in the fall of 2018, it was born out of jealousy, jealousy and greed, and those are never good sources of motivation.

Here’s Rush talking about that jealousy.

RUSH: Have you ever heard, ladies and gentlemen, that the Clintons are going to start a massive stadium tour? Bill and Hilary want to get in on all this Trump action. Now, I’ve been wondering how long it was gonna be until somebody in the Democrat Party tried this. Trump’s rallies dating back to the 2016 campaign…

Do not doubt me on this, either. This is what they all said at every Trump rally. Privately… Do not doubt me. Privately they were jealous as they could be, and they were seething because there’s not a one of them on the Democrat side who could come anywhere close to equaling that kind of excitement, that kind of loyalty, and those size crowds. Obama couldn’t do it. Not in 2016. Hillary couldn’t do it ever! But certainly not in 2016. She couldn’t draw flies to her book-signing ceremonies!

Hillary Clinton couldn’t draw a crowd anywhere! People knew she might not be able to stand up for a full 25 minutes without some aide coming out to prop her up by the elbows. But seriously, I guarantee you they were looking those crowds, they were looking at those Trump rallies, and they would never say so publicly, but they were scared to death by ’em. They would never say so publicly. They would never admit it publicly. They would say just the opposite.

But they’re human beings, and any time anybody in politics has that kind of popularity and that kind of loyalty, that equals jealousy and envy and anger and all things that attach to jealousy and envy. They hated Trump to begin with. And the fact that Trump was turning everything they believed in upside down, the fact that Trump was being able to accomplish things they couldn’t, just in terms of average Americans being interested in the campaign, interested in the candidacy.

And those rallies, 20,000, 15, 25,000, as many people lined up outside who couldn’t get in, wanted to get in. Trump with his airplane perfectly placed so that “Trump” in giant letters on the fuselage was behind him at every stop when he made his speech except for those events that took place inside actual arenas.

Up ’til now, nobody on the Democrat side has even given it a prayer. Until the Clintons. The Daily Wire has the story: “Washington power couple, Bill and Hillary Clinton, announced Monday that they’re embarking on a nationwide ‘stadium tour,’ bringing their stage show to 13 cities this fall. ‘An Evening with President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’…” That’s the actual title of the show. It “will feature the pair sharing ‘stories and inspiring anecdotes that shaped their historic careers in public service, while also discussing issues of the day and looking toward the future…’

They’re seething with jealousy. Bill and Hillary, on those rare moments when they’re home at the same time and together, they sit there, and they look at these Trump rallies… Don’t doubt me. They do. They look at ’em, they watch them, and they just sit there and they say to each other (impression), “Uh, I can’t believe it. I just…. Hillary, I can’t… I can’t. You know, I thought we were popular back in the 90s, and we couldn’t draw crowds like this if we’d ever tried to. “We could have done that. Hell, we could have done it better than Trump’s. Can you believe this?” And they start talking about getting in on it and doing their own stadium tour. So they call Live Nation, which is a rock music promo agency and ticket seller and so forth.

BRETT: I just love when you see these people try to go out and copy something that is… It’s not even lightning in a bottle. It’s something that’s a new phenomenon, something that’s a brand-new way of entertaining or reaching out or connecting or communicating. You know what it reminds me of listening to Rush talk about the Bill and Hillary tour?

It reminds me distinctly of the time in which all the big progressives were gonna get together and they were gonna launch an entire radio network that would take down “conservative talk radio,” which meant Rush Limbaugh. They were gonna take down Rush Limbaugh. They were gonna put on Air America. It was gonna be awesome.

It was gonna be Al Franken, Rachel Maddow, and a number of other people, and they were gonna take town Rush. They were gonna finally take ’em down. They didn’t have the wherewithal, the ability to build a single compelling show and get clearances on those shows. But they decided they’d build a network, and it crashed. I mean, I’m sorry, but it crashed.

This is what folks don’t understand. When you are driven by the establishment, you’re not the alternative, okay? Joe Biden is very much the establishment. Kamala Harris is very much the establishment. The Clintons, the Obamas, very much the establishment in this country. John Kerry? That’s the establishment.

Nobody’s gonna go pay to see the establishment show up. They’re gonna go pay to see the dangerous guy, the entertaining guy, the ribald guy, the guy who’s gonna make you laugh. There’s a reason why George Carlin was as popular as he was and was as successful as he was, and there was a reason why Rush Limbaugh was the king of this for decades.

People wanted to see him. I just hearken back a couple of weeks to remembering the Dan’s Bake Sale event, and you’re talking about people coming out pre-social media and just getting together and being a part of it. You can’t script that. Trump and O’Reilly? That will be very, very close to what you had with the Rush phenomena, which had with Rush as the standard for 30-plus years.

But these people, they come and they go and they think they can just do it. “All we gotta do is just do this and then we’ll be just like Rush!” No, you won’t, because you know what it comes down to? It’s a T-word: Talent. Raw talent. Bill and Hillary didn’t have any — and honestly, they didn’t. Rush did. Trump does. It’s a fascinating thing to watch.

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