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President Joe Biden has finally forced the developer of the Keystone XL Pipeline to throw in the towel. Biden destroyed thousands of good-paying union jobs, with trickle-down impact on jobs in the community that supported them. Take Tricia Burns and her husband who opened a fitness center, Ignite Wellness, in anticipation of serving the men and women of Keystone.

Remember how Biden loved to talk about the “empty chair at the table,” and seeing his father desperate to find work? Well, Tricia described the personal devastation Biden caused. She said that “the executive orders started coming in, and when he signed the bill to pull the permit, it was a tough, tough moment here at Ignite.”

That day alone, 45 people canceled their memberships.

Gov. Pete Ricketts (R-NE) slammed Biden’s move, writing, “This is yet another example of the Biden-Harris Administration putting the priorities of radical environmental activists above our national interest. Without Keystone XL, the United States will not only be more dependent on overseas sources of oil, but our state will not enjoy the benefit of the jobs and property tax revenue the project would have brought.”

Back in 2013, Rush took a call from Malcolm in South Carolina about this topic in a segment titled, “Keystone Pipeline Should Be a No-Brainer.” Rush said of the Obama-Biden policy, “This Keystone pipeline is a great example of the whole idea that this administration is not devoted to improving things in this country.”

EIB Guide Host Brett Winterble agreed on the need for improvements over less safe methods of transport like tankers and trains. “Keystone is a much more efficient, cleaner way of delivering the energy. It’s more efficient than trains. It’s more efficient than trucks out on the road. It’s a pipeline! But that’s not going to be a problem now, because Joe Biden — with the stroke of a pen — kills the jobs and the pipeline.”

Countering Biden’s ineptitude, Brett adeptly remarked that the whole sad affair is, “Absolutely heartbreaking.”

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