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No story is bigger today than Joe Biden’s first foreign trip as president, but we’ll only get sycophantic press coverage no matter what happens with Putin and the G7. EIB Guide Host Brett Winterble described the challenge as a “cupcake,” as in an easy football game you’re guaranteed to win.

Remember a couple weeks ago he called white supremacy the greatest threat facing America? Now he’s flipped to the weather. He told actual U.S. soldiers, warriors, “You know, when I went over in ‘The Tank’ in the Pentagon when I was first elected vice president with President Obama, the military sat us down to let us know what the greatest threats facing America were, the greatest physical threats. This is not a joke! You know what the Joint Chiefs told us? The greatest threat facing America was global warming!”

Oh, it’s a joke all right, and you’re it. The all-time greatest threat to the world is global warming? Rush talked about this shortly after that meeting where Biden claims to have been told this in a monologue headlined, “Obama Thinks Global Warming is a Bigger Threat, Too,” saying, “Obama actually stepped in some quicksand in a friendly interview,” by citing other, real threats like terrorism. “I find that delicious.”

Brett followed up on Rush, saying, “What’s incredible is that global warming is the cause of and solution to every political problem out there, especially if you are progressive,” citing Marie Harf, State Department spokeswoman for John F-ing Kerry, who claimed that ISIS only formed because of climate change! Brett predicted, “At some point Joe Biden is going to say the coronavirus, covid-19, is the result of climate change. In fact, it’s bigger even than systemic racism” to the liberal movement.

Joe Biden playing into the European guilt of these G7 members with this, blaming First World economies for the destruction of the entire planet, while cancelling these oil pipelines like Keystone and Nord Stream 2. Clearly, that day in 2009 wasn’t the first time Joe has been “in the tank” on something. He went in the tank for the left in 1973 when he arrived in Congress and hasn’t come for air since.

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