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BRETT: It’s one of the challenges that’s out there. We talked about it earlier in the week with the revelations coming out of Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district in North Carolina and how it was they’re doing social justice homeroom curricula. And those social justice homeroom programs haven’t been vetted by parents, haven’t been looked at by parents.

And, in fact, one principal, Jamie Brooks — who’s the principal of Ardrey Kell High School there — says, essentially on the record, “You don’t get to opt out of social justice and the parents don’t get to come in here and tell us what we’re going to teach.” That is a fundamentally broken system, because the teachers have now been put in the unenviable position of being people who must deliver an ideologically skewed educational regimen.

Even if that regimen doesn’t match, not just their own values (you can set that aside), but doesn’t match strong, basic critical thinking and teaching skills. We talk about inclusivity, but it may, in fact, not be inclusive and is likely not inclusive and is many times not inclusive. And yet the teachers have to parrot those talking points, those lesson plans to the students or face… Well, we know what they are gonna face.

They’re gonna face being ostracized. They’re gonna face being put out of a job, all those sorts of things. Outside of getting an education, why do we go to school? We go to school to prepare for entering the workforce. Well, Rusty Reno, editor of First Things magazine, wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal titled, “Why I Stopped Hiring Ivy League Graduates” in which he shares some troubling observations that he’s made about the impacts of woke education.

He was talking to Fox’s Steve Doocy about just a few of them. Here he goes.

RENO: Now I’m seeing these young people that they have — to be frank — a kind of a distorted view of reality. I mean, pronouns? Worrying about pronouns? I mean, how can you get work done if everybody is tiptoeing around the office worried about, you know, triggering someone? There’s a kind of weird combination of arrogance and conformism in these kids, and it’s the conformism that’s new. I mean, they acquiesce to the woke culture, and it’s what I call “the spirit of surrender.”

BRETT: You know, Rush talked about a movie a few years back, back in 2019, called No Safe Spaces. That talked about how identity politics are eroding free speech in America. Here’s Rush.

RUSH: I wanted to call your attention, we just ran a spot for a movie. It’s on 200 screens nationwide. It’s from MJM Entertainment Group. It’s called No Safe Spaces, and it is a chilling, chilling expose of the left’s assault on free speech and freedom and political correctness and violence attached to it. It is designed to awaken people to the actual intentions of people you may think are just Democrats or they may just be liberals.

The people that this movie exposes and the actual events that it highlights are chilling! It’s on college campuses, at work. So keep a sharp eye if this movie is anywhere near where you live, a theater. It’s not The Mandalorian. It’s not Star Wars. It’s none of that. It’s a serious attempt at exposing the rot permeating our culture called No Safe Spaces.

BRETT: And how ironic he mentions The Mandalorian, which featured a very famous actress who was canceled for the position she took.

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