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KEN: Kamala Harris, to me, is the greatest, greatest failure, that was the biggest loss of credibility. I gotta tell you, she presents herself like an airhead. And I have nothing against airheads ’cause I went to high school once, too, and it’s good to have a few around. But she presents herself like an airhead. And it’s a crying shame.

And when people were pushing her and asking her, “Are you going to the border? Are you going to the border?”, the fact that she’s getting angry over that — she’s in charge of the border! Why isn’t she going to the border? Can you imagine if that was Mike Pence? Could you imagine if any of this was a conservative? But the media keeps running cover for her, for the most part.

A few Democrats in the media have mouthed off about it, but I’m sure they got a call from somebody, “Stop picking on Kamala. She’s doing the best she can. She just got a new pair of Timberlands. She’ll be wearing those. She’s got those kick-ass sneakers she shows off all the time. She knows fashion, she may not know much else, but she knows fashion. So stop picking on her.” But that’s an embarrassment. But I will say, as we mentioned before, if you come over the border, you get a free copy of her book. Yes, you do. Yep. You get it for free. Well, we paid for it, but you get it. You get a backpack. You get a copy of her book. You get a train ticket or, depending on location, airline ticket. And you get signed up. You get, like, a voucher for benefits and things like that.

You know, recently we heard from Mike Pompeo. Here he is from Fox News this morning.

POMPEO: It’s not the conditions down there that have caused the current crisis at the border. It’s the policies that the Biden administration have that caused enormous devastation to the human beings that are being trafficked across the border. This is not only bad for them, it’s really bad for the United States. And it’s not a result of what’s happening in Central America. It’s a result of what’s happening in Washington, D.C.

KEN: He nailed it. Nailed it. This ridiculousness of, “I’m gonna go down to Guatemala” — I think that’s where she went where she made a fool of herself more than once — “I’m gonna go down to Guatemala, and I’m gonna check out this climate change thing ’cause that’s why people are sneaking into El Paso and sneaking into San Diego. It’s damn climate change.” No, it’s not. Don’t be a fool. There are 10th graders that know more about the border than Kamala Harris does. It’s heartbreaking to watch.

These people are suffering, and they need definitive answers. They need leadership. And President Trump gave them leadership. He was crystal clear.

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