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It is usually us wondering, “What happened to straight news reporting?” Or asking with concern, “Does Joe Biden really have the confidence, like Donald Trump did, to adeptly run this country?” However, Guide Host former Congressman Jason Lewis said, surprisingly, Australian media is alone in the world as both bold and sharp enough to pose those questions (as their news anchors and commentators just did after observing failing Biden on the G7 and NATO world stages).

After noting the many ways the teetering U.S. is now eerily echoing one-termer Jimmy Carter’s lacking presidency, Jason singled out Australia for taking to task the rest of the world’s media, and especially gushing U.S. outlets like CNN, and telling the truth about Joe Biden, just as Rush always pined for.

“Australian media is coming to our rescue,” Jason declared. “And they are the only ones!”

As proof, Jason played a rollicking segment on Australia’s Sky News Kenny on Media. Writer Sophie Elsworth, in her question about the glaringly missing straight news reporting replaced with gushing over Biden, added that the situation was beyond embarrassing, “it is really quite appalling to watch,” noting that Biden is extremely “lucky” because his popularity will rise due to the inaccurate, glowing coverage.

Nick Cater of the Menzies Research Centre said Biden is a completely unproven entity with “considerable question marks over his foreign affairs policies.” America has strength, but it’s unknown if Biden will have the confidence to utilize it. Although Trump was criticized every second during his performance at the same global powerhouse event, that was unfair the commentators complained, with Cater noting he “would be much happier to see Donald Trump at the G7.”

Jason applauded their insight and moxie, which is glaringly missing from U.S. coverage of Biden and formerly unfairly bullied Trump. Jason’s own astute analysis clearly revealed why, as he said, “the Australians get it. They get it!” It’s because they are under the thumb of China, he said, not with their heads in the sand, ignoring the clear international threat, like U.S. media. “The Australians understand what China is doing,” Jason said. “China’s winning!”

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