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Bailouts, Wants and Needs

RUSH: All right, back to Steve in Richmond, Virginia. Thank you, sir, for continuing to hold on. You have an eight-year-old son. You're worried about the future with all these bailouts.CALLER: I'm worried about his freedoms, too, not just that. It comes down to Big Oil, right? Government is attacking Big Oil. What about us attacking government for a big bailout, and the bailout being just another vehicle to encroach upon our freedoms? I mean, that's the endgame: punish and control society....

Mind-Blowing Jet Fuel Numbers

RUSH: I got this note. We were talking last week about jet fuel, and it was in the context of the aviation business and all the new airplanes that are being built and designed and all the new airplanes being bought, how much jet fuel they use. I don't know that a lot of people have a grasp of how much fuel one big jumbo jet uses. So Mark Hasara, who was the chief of the Air Refueling Control Team during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom sent me a note. He says, "We got a...

The Paul Revere of Talk Radio

RUSH: Here's Lisa in Indianapolis. Hi, Lisa, nice to have you with us. Hello.CALLER: Oh, Rush.RUSH: Yeah.CALLER: Long time my husband and I love you, we've been 17-year-listeners, O fire of conservative wisdom.RUSH: Thank you very much, madam.CALLER: Thank you. I'm calling because, you know, everybody talks about how the economy's in a down-spin and, you know, oil prices, but look who has been in control of our House and Senate now since '06.RUSH: The Democrats, madam.CALLER: There you...

Bill Moyers Conservatives?

RUSH: International Herald Tribune, which is the international version of the New York Times, from today: "A New American Reality: the Government as Provider." Yeah, this is what I was talking about in the first hour. He didn't hear much of it, Snerdley, because you're screening calls. "In a country that holds itself up as a citadel of free enterprise, Washington has morphed from being the lender of last resort into effectively the only resort for home loans for millions of Americans engaged in...

Big Government Runs Amuck, GOP Misses Chance to Capitalize

RUSH: Phil Gramm did not start a bank run. Charles Chuck-U Schumer did. What Gramm did was rattle the liberal world, and that's who he was talking about, "a nation of whiners," and they are a nation of whiners. The American left lives on whining! They get up on it, they go to sleep on it, they dine on it. They vomit it. They are nothing but whiners. He was exactly right. I just wish McCain once -- just once! -- if he's going to denounce, do it privately. You don't have to go throw every...

Intergenerational Battle Breaks Out

RUSH: Shreveport, Louisiana, home of Terry Bradshaw of the Steelers, and Hal Sutton, PGA Tour. This is Keith. Nice to have you on the program, sir.CALLER: Dittos, Rush. Hey, man, I love you, but I'm damn tired of you bashing the Boomers all the time. You are a Boomer. We're one of the greatest generations this country's ever had.RUSH: Some of us are, yes.CALLER: No, the majority of us are. But you don't hear about us because we're working our ass off -- RUSH: I talk about you all the time....

Operation Chaos, Phase II: Clintonistas Want Convention Vote

RUSH: Ah, this is just great. Operation Chaos Phase II. "Clinton Die-Hards Want Convention Vote," and, in fact, Thomas B. Edsall (who used to work at the Washington Post and now posts his writings at the Huffington Post) is also posting (paraphrased)"You know, this Obama guy. He was up 15. Now he's tied in the Newsweek poll. He was tied in the Rasmussen, but he's losing ground fast. He's selling us all out. Maybe the cooler heads will prevail and we'll go with Hillary at the convention." This...

Charles "Chuck-U" Schumer Causes Run on IndyMac Bank

RUSH: The bank in California is IndyMac, and it failed. By the way, they're talking about 150 banks may fail, blah, blah, all of this negative news, all of this, "Oh, my God, it's going to hell in a handbasket!" Don't forget, we had a thousand S&Ls fail back in the eighties. This is not new territory, my friends. We're not in any new virgin territory here. This has all happened. But there is a problem here, and that is an overactive government. You know what? I'm going to tell you something....

What We Learned from Tony Snow

RUSH: Tony Snow passed away on Friday night, Saturday morning. I got some phone calls, e-mails, actually, over the weekend from Fox. They did four Fox shows, two Saturday and two Sunday, as they did their very tastefully done tribute over the weekend to Tony Snow. It's just a shame, folks, but there's so much to learn from this man. Phil Gramm says we're a nation of whiners, and I think about a certain group of people he's right. Tony Snow was not a whiner. Regardless of his medical condition,...

Rush's Morning Update: Zap the Left! July 15, 2008

Rush's Morning Update: Zap the Left!July 15, 2008Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer Well, Obama and his people are filled with wrath over the cover of the currentNew Yorker magazine. The cover illustration depicts Obama and his wife in the Oval Office. Obama is wearing traditional Muslim attire-- a robe, aturban, and somesandals-- while his bride Michelle is decked out as an armed terrorist, looking likeAngela Davis, wearing...

Monday Quotes: An Army of One

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"Quick: What do you call a government-owned private business? Fascism. Check out the New Deal for the roots to this.""My friends, I hate to tell you this, but many returning fighter jets simply dump their jet gas in the ocean -- right down on Flipper and Willy the whale. Hee, hee; I just love tweaking the New Castrati.""The first time I met Tony Snow I said, 'That's the most perfect head of hair I have ever seen on anybody, except...

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page

Story #1: Humorless Libs Miss New Yorker Satire RUSH: The New Yorker magazine has a cover out, and of course Obama and his side are going nuts. Now, the New Yorker is a bunch of socialists, a bunch of libs. I have the cover of The New Yorker, and it's a satire making fun of the way some of the right wing supposedly thinks about Obama. It's got Obama dressed up like Mohammed, with a big white turban and sandals and so forth, and his wife, Michelle (My Belle), is a big afro-haired terrorist with...


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