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A Collection of Open Line Friday Calls Ranging from H1N1 to Oprah

RUSH: We go to Sarah in Nashville, Tennessee. Hi, Sarah, great to have you with us here today.CALLER: Hey, Rush, it's good to talk to you.RUSH: Thank you.CALLER: All right. I just wanted to call today just to thank you for actually inspiring me to become a US government teacher in high school.RUSH: I did?CALLER: Yes, you did. I had always grown up interested in politics, and I loved Reagan when I was a kid. When I was 16 my parents, for Christmas, they got me See, I Told You So. And it...

Iran Will Get Nukes Because Barack Obama Won't Stop Them

RUSH: I'm now being asked if I have any predictions on Iran and how it's going to end. Yeah. They're going to get a nuke. They're going to get a nuke. KT McFarland -- I'm going to steal something, I'm going to do a variation of something KT McFarland pointed out recently. The up and down, the up and down, and the up of Moammar Khadafy. Will help answer your question. Way back a long time ago, Moammar Khadafy, an international scoundrel and sponsor of worldwide terrorism. And then Reagan...

The Unholy Alliance of Hollywood, Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez

RUSH: Here's Frank, Stamford, Connecticut, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.CALLER: How you doing? How you doing? By the way, I'm a big fan of Megyn Kelly. I like her analysis. I'm a lawyer -- RUSH: She's a very smart woman.CALLER: Extremely bright. When she comes on, as much as I admire Bill O'Reilly, Bill O'Reilly doesn't know the law like she does, and I don't agree with every single analysis she gives, but she's right --RUSH: Yeah.CALLER: -- I would say at least 80% of...

Revisiting the "Financial Crisis"

RUSH: TARP money. I know there are people who disagree with me. I have friends on Wall Street, "You're wrong about this, Rush. They needed that money. If we didn't infuse that capital, it would be like not calling the fire truck when your house is halfway burned down, it would be just the same." People are going to disagree with it, but one thing, and this is another thing I thought about after I watched the show, and I'm not criticizing myself, folks, don't misunderstand here, I'm not beating...

Netanyahu Stands Alone at UN; Ahmadinejad Agrees with Obama

RUSH: Ronald Reagan, famous statement, many famous statements. Ronald Reagan: "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall." Barack Obama goes to the United Nations and his slogan may as well be about the United States: "Tear down this country." But we had a refreshing moment at the United Nations. A leader of his country speaking positively about his country, speaking the truth, and it wasn't Obama. Obama, just a number of meaningless platitudes. Rich Lowry properly described Obama as a sophomore...

Rush Discusses the Leno Show

RUSH: I was on Leno last night. [Full transcript] We're going to play some sound bites coming up. I've always said this about TV, I've always said it. It's not what you say, it's how you look. That's what people remember. Well, I did look good. I did look great, but that's -- (interruption) Dawn, if you let me use -- I know where my syllables -- everybody is trying to tell me what to say here, which is why my staff does not have microphones. I know it's irritating to you to hear me have one-sided...

Schoolkids Indoctrinated with Scripted Song in Praise of Obama

RUSH: You know, the schoolkids, this video singing, I'm going to tell you something -- we got audio of this coming up -- I'm going to tell you something. It is impossible, impossible to overstate the impact on parents that this kind of video has, hearing indoctrinated schoolchildren singing scripted praise to Barack Obama. You know, pictures matter. Pictures matter. This is not acclaim. Even though bloggers are out there claiming it's a fake controversy, all created, some blogger at firedoglake.com...

Rush's Morning Update: Redistribution September 28, 2009

Rush's Morning Update: RedistributionSeptember 28, 2009Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer Well, folks, wenow know the cost-impact on American families of Obama's tax, health care, and climate change policies,according to a new report by the nonpartisan, nonprofit Tax Foundation. The report concludes that by 2012 (just three years from now), almost $1 trillion a year will be redistributed from the top 30 percent of American familiesto...

Friday Quotes: It's Open Line Friday!

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"This is the Media Tweak of the Day: You have to be brainwashed or mentally deranged to think that Barack Obama is good for America.""Every time a poll comes out and Obama's down, he does something. I was thinking how there's still that judge seat on American Idol. How about another round of Sunday shows? Or how about hosting Letterman this time with Ahmadinejad as a guest?""Jay Leno talked to me about all the money these Wall Street...

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page

Story #1:MSNBC: Iran "Caught Red Handed" on NukesRUSH: Look at this: MSNBC right now is saying Iran was caught red-handed, building a second nuke -- they weren't caught. They admitted it! They just out and out told us! What are we supposed to -- Obama is so smart, he's so good, he's caught the Iranians building a second nuclear plant? They admitted it!Story #2:Translator Collapsed During Khadafy SpeechRUSH: Here's the story I was mentioning earlier about Khadafy's translator: "After struggling...


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