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Wild Guess: Obama to Propose $1.6T in New Stimulus Spending

RUSH: AP: "Obama Faces Tight Restraints in Crafting Jobs Plan." AP is very concerned here, folks. They're making excuses for Obama, even before he delivers the big jobs speech that's coming up sometime next week. And remember how they used to do that for Bush? Make excuses? Yeah, guess not. In any case, what this AP story boils down to is that the first round of stimulus is drying up, and according to AP, that's why the GDP, economic growth, is down to 1%. Isn't that cool?

Carney: We're "Fairly Confident" Hillary Won't Run Against Obama

KINSOLVING: Why is the president certain that Hillary won't run against him?

CARNEY: The president's focused not on any election. He's focused right now on doing his job to grow the economy, create jobs, ensure that Americans who were in the path of this hurricane are taken care of --

KINSOLVING: I understand, but --

CARNEY: -- so that's what he's focused on.

KINSOLVING: -- you're running way from this question. I mean, can you guarantee that -- I mean are, you sure that Hillary is not gonna run?

CARNEY: You'd have to ask her. We're fairly confident.

Toobin Alerts the Left to Ratchet Up the Attacks on Justice Thomas

RUSH: There's a great piece in the New Yorker by Jeffrey Toobin. You know what's about? It is the most amazing story, a story I never thought I would see, although I know why it's been written. It is a story about how Clarence Thomas is the driving intellectual force of the United States Supreme Court. Clarence Thomas and his wife, Ginni, are the two people working the hardest to stop Obamacare. It is Clarence Thomas that provides the guidance for Antonin Scalia, not the other way around, according to this story by Jeffrey Toobin.

Green Jobs: Money Laundering Scam for Democrats and Unions

RUSH: I could swear that I had this story a week ago before I went to vacation. In fact, I know I did. It may have been about a different company. I think it was. It was about a different green outset. Now, listen to this. This from Fox News: "A green jobs program in one of America's greenest cities is being called a bust 16 months after a $20 million federal grant to weatherize homes in Seattle ended up putting just 14 people to work in mostly administrative jobs and upgrading only three homes in the area. 'The jobs are not there,' Todd Myers, who wrote the book 'Eco Fads,' told Fox News. 'So we're training people for jobs that don't exist.'"

Tuesday Quotes: The Truth Detector

"What they have told you and written about Clarence Thomas for 15 years has been a lie. What has been true is, he's always been an intellectual giant, he has always been an intellectual leader, he's always been an independent thinker, he's always been eminently qualified."


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