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Some of the topics we're loaded with today:
Obama Says America "had gotten a little soft" Before His Reign || Perry Heckled Over Illegals Stand || Senate Dems Block Obama's Jobs Bill

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Senate Democrats Block Obama's "Pass This Now" Tax Hike Bill Because They Want to Keep Big Oil Subsidies!

RUSH: Dick Durban told WLS that the oil-producing state senators don't like eliminating or reducing the subsidy for oil companies. Really? You mean to tell me that after all of this hubbub -- Obama running around saying we've got to stop subsidizing Big Oil -- that there are some Democrat senators who don't want to get rid of the subsidy?

Dodd-Frank "Reform" Leads Banks to Hike Debit Card Fee

RUSH: Durbin added a last-minute amendment to the Dodd-Frank Bill, and that's where the details reside that are causing the banks to make all these changes. Durbin wanted these extra fees to help provide "fraud detection," and the money raised was supposed to go to fraud protection. What we need is fraud protection from Congress! We need fraud protection from the likes of Durbin and Dodd and Frank.

The Regime's Obamacare Strategy

RUSH: Now, how many of you who bought this notion that your health insurance premiums are going to go down by $2,500 thought that you would have to wait 10 years for that?  And how many of you are now hearing that it's going to be 2019 before your premium's reduced $2,000, how many of you now believe that's ever going to happen?

College Katie, EIB Correspondent?

CALLER: I know it will be on television, but like that day you can get my view of things from being there especially since I was a student there -- and, you know, everyone knows Katie from Michigan is from Oakland University -- and just to have another perspective from someone who's not in the media to, y'know, add a little flavor to the whole debate!

RUSH: Wait a minute now: "Everybody knows Katie from Michigan"? How have you managed that, Katie?

CALLER: All thanks to you, Mr. Limbaugh!

RUSH: Oh, it's me? I did it? (chuckling)

How Can They Unionize Daycare Workers?

RUSH: They're just trying to swell the number of people that pay dues. This is just an attempt to end up with more money in the Democrat Party. Now, you're saying, "How can they do that?" That's who liberals are! This is who we're dealing with. They would organize every group of people and unionize them if they could.

The Detroit Lions are For Real, Dallas

RUSH: You may not know this, but Snerdley is a big Cowboys fan and is worried about the Cowboys/Lions game on Sunday. What's your biggest concern? Romo being hurt? The fact your team can't score touchdowns in the red zone? The offensive line has no cohesion? (interruption) Well, no, the receivers know where to line up. They're just having trouble catching the ball. That's the fundamental requirement of a "receiver."


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