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Some of the topics we're loaded with today: Occupy Wall Street Gets Their Blood || New Obama Video || Jets Lose on Late Broncos Rally

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Panetta Ranks India as a Threat Like China ... Wait, So Weather DOES Equal Climate? ... Obama Rejects Shale and Oil Pipeline Jobs ... Penn State Upstate: Syracuse Coach Sex Abuse Charges ... Benetton to End Campaign? ... House Falls 23 Votes Short on Balanced Budget Amendment...

Steve Jobs as TIME Person of the Year?

RUSH: Doing these various panels, TIME Magazine, trying to make it look like people actually have a role in selecting the Person of the Year, and they do it themselves. But there's been some talk percolating here that they might name Jobs the Person of the Year and it would be the first posthumous ever.

Morning Update: Reprimand

Remember the original “Occupy” Wisconsin protests in the spring when Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker heroically attempted to balance the state’s budget, by reining in out-of-control labor agreements? Remember that as teachers ditched their jobs to protest, doctors stood there, brazenly writing phony absence notes for them?


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