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Some of the topics we're loaded with today: The "People’s" Convention? || Republican Vows to End WH Attack on "Religious Freedom" || Taxpayers Spent $1.6 Billion on Free Cell Phones for Poor || Republican Governor Turns Michigan Around, Builds $500 Million Surplus

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LA Beaches Ban Frisbees, Footballs...Gay Marriage Poster Couple Divorces...Global Warming Hoax Exploded...NYC Maids Get Panic Buttons... Poll: 20% of Republicans Lean Obama?... The Great Emancipator: Obama Frees 10 States from No Child Left Behind...

Morning Update: Will to Drill

My friends, the Russians have been drilling for twenty years, and it finally paid off this week when at last they reached an enormous freshwater lake buried under the glaciers of Antarctica.

Obamaville: A Story of Dependence

RUSH: An entire segment of our population is being rendered irrelevant. Their lives are being destroyed. Their humanity is being taken away. Their dignity done away with -- all for the sake of the continuation and expansion of power of the Democrat Party and the state. It just makes me sick. And it infuriates me at the same time.

What Does "Trickery" Mean to You?

RUSH:  You know what getting tricked is?  Getting tricked is being told that Obamacare would push down the deficit and health care costs.  That's getting tricked.  Getting tricked is liberalism costing us $16 trillion since it got hold of the government.  You talk about tricks, Obama's full of 'em, and they're all on us.

Obama Super PACs: Media and Unions

RUSH: Axelrod was asked about it and said, "Well, we have to win. We have to do whatever it takes to win. To hell with our core policy. To hell with our core beliefs, if it's gonna be super PACs out there, we're gonna get in on it," which is understandable.

"Who's gonna be paying for this?" That's the question of the day.


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