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Some of the topics we're loaded with today: Romney Accuses Obama of Hiding || Coke Caves in Face of Democratic Boycott Threat || White House in Damage Control over Obama Supreme Court Remarks || Intelligent People Take Less Sick Leave || Agency Under Fire for Vegas Conference had Ballooning Budgets || Food Inflation Seen Back on the Table as Prices Rise || Watchdog Finds Solyndra Loan Was "Rushed"

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Tiger Has a Shot at The Masters... We Love Dana Perino Here... Dr. Sowell on Obama, the Media and Nixon...

Morning Update: Reagan Couldn't Win?

President Obama accused Republicans of being “so radical and dangerously rigid” that even Ronald Reagan couldn’t win a GOP primary today. Since this absurd claim is now part of Obama’s campaign stump speech, let me respond to it.

The Latest on Obama v. the Court

RUSH: There's a story here today, Reuters: "White House in Damage Control Over Obama Supreme Court Remarks."  They're not in any damage control.  He said exactly what he intended to say.  There's no damage control going on.  That's the illusion.  They want you to think that there's damage control going on.

Psychoanalyzing the President

CALLER: I'm a social psych major and a nurse. ... I started writing down things you were saying about the administration and Obama in clinical terms. And I came up with symptoms, and he has visions of grandeur. He has delusions. He's delusional about himself, and delusional about what he can do to the United States.


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