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Will Facebook Need a Bailout?... Fox News Analyst Accused of Affair with Reverend Jackson... Occupy Idiots Show Up in Chicago to Demand Meeting with El Rushbo... Recovery? Just 16 States Have Gained Jobs Under Obama... Another Guy Accuses John Travolta...

The Eduardo Saverin Question

RUSH: Eduardo Saverin goes to Harvard, meets Zuckerberg. They start Facebook. He becomes a billionaire. Eduardo Saverin moves to Singapore. Last week Eduardo Saverin renounced his American citizenship because of taxes... A big debate has arisen, and I wonder what you think about it.

Wouldn't Obama Rather Talk About Where He was Born Than the Economy?

RUSH: This pamphlet advertised a number of forthcoming books...and the blurb on Obama clearly says that he was born in Kenya. It's accepted that he was born in Hawaii.  So the question is, how did this happen?  And that's what a lot of people are trying to figure out.  Why in the world would the blurb say he was born in Kenya when he wasn't?  No, Dawn, it's not because he was. He wasn't born in Kenya.  There has to be a reason for this.  You know what I think it is?  The same thing Elizabeth Warren's trying to do.


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