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Catholic Institutions Sue Regime over HHS Mandate... War on Women: Females Driven from Workforce... Facebook IPO Falls Flat... Former CNN Executive Does to Neighbor What CNN Does to Nation...

Organic Food and Liberal Ideology

RUSH: When I think of organic food, I think of vegetarians. I think of militant vegetarians. Now, a liberal vegetarian is not content to just eat his vegetables. You have to, too. A conservative vegetarian will eat his vegetables and leave you alone. A liberal vegetarian will eat his and then demand that you only eat vegetables, too. And this is one of the big differences between liberals and conservatives across the board

CNN: GOP Voters are White, Aging, Dying

RUSH: From CNN: "When presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney appears before Latino small business owners in Washington on Wednesday, he'll address a group whose explosive birth rates foreshadow a seismic political shift in GOP strongholds in the Deep South and Southwest."


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