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Why It's Impossible to Build a Concussion-Proof Helmet... AP Frets: Economy May Distract from Obama Agenda... TIME Lays Off 500, Romney Blamed... French Socialists Lights Out at 1AM... Drive-Bys Rip Algore for Hypocrisy... Flashback: Bill Clinton Said We Must Shrink the Economy to Save the Planet...

Correcting the Record on the Rubio Interview and My Position on Immigration

RUSH: If you go back and listen to the interview, at that point I said that he had just raked Obama over the coals for his phoniness and for his artificiality, for his insincerity on not just immigration but the way he's running his whole administration. I had praised that and I told him, "You've got guts. That's courageous. That's admirable. What you're doing is noteworthy," because nobody else has the guts to criticize Obama, and that's what I was praising him for. I was not signaling that he converted me to amnesty.

Dingy Harry: 4th Quarter Economic Contraction is the GOP's Fault

RUSH: The American people saw that the Republicans were cutting spending in December, and they didn't like it, and they got all depressed.  So they stopped spending money because the Republicans were cutting spending.  It's what Dingy Harry is saying... And, of course, folks, the low-information voters soak all this up and believe it.  The truth of the matter is, of course, you know and I know there weren't any cuts in government spending.


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