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GOP Establishment Invites Its Own Extinction by Declaring War on Tea Party and Seeking Compromise with Democrats

RUSH: I don't say this happily at all -- I don't think there's any doubt that, even now, a whole bunch of Republicans don't understand what the Democrat Party is trying to do.  The Democrat Party, from the White House on down, is literally trying to, in a political sense, in the political arena, annihilate 'em.  The Democrat Party is trying to wipe 'em out.  The Democrat Party wants the Republican Party to be extinct.

Resistance to Obama Has Melted Away

RUSH:  There is no desire for any opposition of any kind at this point in time... It's a direct outcome of the 2012 election. It is Santa Claus trumping freedom. Santa Claus trumps everything. Santa Claus beats fiscal responsibility. Santa Claus beats individual liberty. Santa Claus beats individual responsibility. Santa Claus trumps all of this.


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