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Fisker Firing 75% of Workforce... Tech Blogs Concerned Over ATF Regs...  Liberals Applaud Thatcher's Death...

Countless Things That Could Lead the Show

RUSH: As is the case every day, we are loaded here today, folks.  It's simply impossible to get everything in that I want to talk about in the first segment.  I could go through everything we've got and do what is known inside broadcast baseball as "tease you" and say this is coming up and theoretically force you to stay tuned the whole three hours. But the difference is, and many of the broadcast titans don't understand, I don't have to tease you to get you to listen to all three hours. You do it habitually anyway.  

Lady Thatcher Pushed Back

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, that's called push-back. That's called standing up for what you believe. That's called standing up for your principles. It's called not being shouted down, not being a coward, not being afraid, not worrying about what is said about you. Which, by the way, she also detested...


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