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Carney Says Norks Don't Have Nukes ... Latest on McConnell Bugging ... NYT Wants Gay Athletes to Come Out ... Senator: Booze and Boats Led to Bipartisan Breakthrough ...

Arrested Illegal: "Obama Will Let Me Go"

RUSH: The captured illegal said to the Border Patrol agent, "I don't care, go ahead and capture me.  Obama is gonna let me go."  It's reminiscent of 2009 after Obama was inaugurated and they had all those town hall meetings.  "Don't worry, Obama is gonna fix my kitchen."  Well, the illegal arrivals crossing the border in Texas are not sweating it because Obama is gonna let them go. 

TMZ Analyzes Jay-Z and Obama

RUSH: They're debating the impact on Obama here, and it isn't good. I mean, this is no different than the Fox All Stars every night at six o'clock on Special Report with Bret Baier, except it's TMZ and a serious -- for the low-information audience -- discussion of the impact of Mr. Z's latest rap tune on Obama.


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