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Vince Flynn was a Man's Man

RUSH: He was engaged, and he was opinionated, and he was informed. He was a thoughtful, thinking, considerate, caring, real man.  A brave, brave guy.  He went out of his way to do anything he could for anybody and didn't expect anything in return, didn't want anything in return. There are a lot of people who are gonna miss him terribly.  Everybody that knew him is gonna miss him terribly. 

Interview: Senator Cruz on the Amnesty Bill

CRUZ: As you know, a lot of Americans are fed up. They're fed up with Democrats and they're fed up with Republicans. They're fed up with politicians in Washington who don't stand for anything.  And it's how we've gotten in this mess. It's how we've gotten $17 trillion in debt, and, if we keep doing business as usual, it's how we're gonna pass yet another amnesty bill that doesn't fix the problem. And I think Americans are really fed up with that and we need to stand up and stop it.

Will Becoming the Face of the Gang of Eight Sink Marco Rubio?

RUSH: Marco Rubio, to a lot of Republicans, is the great hope.  Presidential politics, Marco Rubio ranks high on many people's lists.  And, I can tell you, folks, there are a lot of Republicans who are hoping, they're willing to give Senator Rubio a pass on this to a certain extent because he's so good at articulating conservatism... They're hoping he backs out of it. They're hoping that, at the last minute, he'll just withdraw from this so as not to be tainted by it.  Because, the fact of the matter is, there will be significant Republican outrage if this thing passes and it's made possible by significant Republican participation. 


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