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The Oprah: Victim of Fat Bias

RUSH: I, myself, over the course of my life, have also been fat, and I'm under the impression that if you are something, you can say that about somebody else...  I thought that's the way it went.  But, you see, The Oprah is a wholly owned category of political correctness. 

The Diminishing of the Presidency

RUSH: A clown puts on an Obama face mask at a state fair and everybody goes nuts at how offensive it is and how dismissive it is.  Well, when you go on late-night comedy shows and you make a joke of the office of president, what do you expect people to do?... Conrad Black was saying here, "I think there's a leadership problem in this country, been going on for most of the time since Reagan retired."  And he's right about that.

The New Wave of Illegal Immigration

RUSH: While the Republicans think that they are gaining favor with Hispanics by softening their tone on amnesty, all of a sudden now somebody's come up on the Democrat side with another trick:  refugee status.  Fear of the consequences of the drug cartels.  We're renting hotel rooms for illegal immigrants!  

Democrat Presidential Strategy: The Firsts

RUSH: We have a president of the United States who cannot be criticized.  His policies cannot be criticized.  Not credibly.  Anybody who tries is diminished and dismissed as a racist or a bigot, and so Obama can get away with anything he wants. I  think the Democrats have seen this, so imagine the first female president, the same thing.  Any criticism, sexist.  Any criticism, unjust.  Any criticism, unwarranted.  


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