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Democrats Tell Me Privately That They Would Love to Oppose Obama, But They're Afraid to Speak Out

RUSH: Folks, let me tell you something. You know, privately there are a lot of Democrats that tell me that they are just distressed over what Obama has done to the health care industry and to jobs.  They are afraid to say anything about it because of recriminations, because this regime fights back.  I mean, this regime does not take internal criticism at all, just like they try to eliminate all conservative opposition. 

The Media on Obama and Me

RUSH: In all of these sound bites, the premise is that a guy on the radio is stopping the most powerful man in the world. "Damn it!"  The media accepts that premise. There is not one syllable that analyzes Obama's role in the state of this country.  They all agree something's wrong in the country, but they agree that it's me, not Obama -- and I haven't done anything to the country.  I don't have any power to do anything. 


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