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Morning Update: Lesson Plan!

First, the government gave. They purchased iPads for every student in the Los Angeles Unified School District, at $700 dollars apiece. The Apple cash register rang up a billion-dollar sale. Then a bad thing happened. Almost immediately, 71 kids “lost” their iPads.

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There is No Barbed Wire at the WWII Memorial... AZ Offers to Open Grand Canyon, Regime Says No... Dusty Baker Fired, Blames Racists Who Hate Obama... iOS 7 Text Message Glitch...

A Millennial on Affluence and Guilt

RUSH: There should be no guilt whatsoever if everything you've come by is genuine.  Now, if you've cheated people out of it, if you've stolen from people, that's a whole different game, but you haven't done that, doesn't sound like your father has.  So there's no reason to feel guilty.  Actively fight it.  It's a prison that you are gonna put yourself in.  

No Photo ID, No Softball

CALLER:  My softball team is starting our championship series tonight and I've received multiple texts from our captain that if we don't bring a photo ID and it doesn't match with the roster of the players all season, we will not be allowed to play.  

Desperate, Arrogant Libs Don't Know How to Deal with the Fearlessness of Ted Cruz

RUSH: If Republicans would just stop enabling that bullying and intimidation by stopping being afraid of it, there would be a sea change.  That's what Cruz is demonstrating, if you ask me, fearlessness, and look at how they're reacting to that. They don't know how to deal with it. They don't know how to deal with people that aren't afraid of 'em. They don't know how to deal with people they can't manipulate or bully into shutting up and going away. There's a lot to learn here, folks, a lot to learn. 


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