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American Media Fixated with Toronto  Mayor... Money Honey to Fox... MSNBC's Bashir Apologizes for Reprehensible Comment About Sarah Palin... Obama Omits "Under God" from Gettysburg Address...

A Massive Shift Away from Liberalism

RUSH: The real dramatic change in the trend line is the last two years, and that coincides with the rollout of Obamacare. Now there are people who are saying that this kind of experience could inflict irreparable harm to liberalism and the whole notion of Big Government and socialism. 

Vindication for Cruz, Lee and Palin

RUSH: Now, never mind, folks, that just one month ago -- just 30 days ago -- these same Washington Post/ABC polls were telling us what idiots Ted Cruz and Mike Lee were for trying to stop Obamacare.  Just a month ago moderate Republicans -- and, if I might add, conservative Republicans who are scared to be known as conservative Republicans and try to portray themselves as moderate -- were saying that.  In fact, let me get even more precise...

Chris Christie's Sympathy for Obama

CHRISTIE:  We're three years away from the presidential election, you know?  I mean, in this sense, I feel badly for President Obama. He just won a year ago and everybody's like, "So, who's next?" You know, I mean, there is work to be done in this country, and, as we shove him out the door, we minimize his ability to be an effective executive.  We shouldn't do that.

Rush Revere's Rush to Your School Contest

RUSH: Rush Revere and Liberty are seeking the most deserving school or schools in the country to receive a large donation, not just the book, Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims. We're gonna donate some American classics written by authors like Mark Twain.  In addition, the school or schools that we choose will receive computers, supplies and any tangible items that would improve their classrooms.

Are Conservatives Hopelessly Outnumbered?

RUSH: What if the next Republican presidential candidate tries, as his appeal, a Reaganesque appeal to the goodness and decency of the American people? And says in his campaign that he believes that the American people can rise to the challenge, that it's in them and that they have the desire and the ability? And the candidate wants to try to inspire and motivate people to get out of that cycle of dependence that they're in?


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