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Drive-Bys Barely Mention Scientists Got Stuck in Ice Studying Global Warming... Hollywood Pal Gets His Tesla... The Limbaugh Migration...

In 1943, LaGuardia Asked Citizens to Shovel Snow -- In 2014, De Blasio Promises Equal Distribution of Snow Removal

RUSH: You just aren't capable of handling life yourself. You're not capable of doing the right thing without being told. You're not capable of making the right decision.  You have to be told.  This 6 to 10 inches of snow is nothing, and yet it has become a breaking news story that stops everything in its tracks.  To me, it's just an indication of what government can do, what big bureaucracies made up of people who want to control every aspect of your life can do.

Obama Relaxes in Hawaii as His Signature Legislation Wreaks Havoc on the Country

RUSH: What are we learning here on January 3rd? People are being turned away. People are not being treated in emergency rooms. People who've signed up have no evidence of it and are being turned away because there is no evidence they've signed up, but they maintain they have -- and people may not get needed surgery because the authorities on the other end of the phone wherever they are in the Regime aren't picking up. 

Insurance Company Bailout Could Be Next

RUSH: They need a little more time to get ready for single payer, which means they need the insurance companies in the private sector to stay in business a little longer than they intended, which means they may have to bail 'em out like they bailed out GM and like they bailed out a bunch of "green" sector energy companies and so forth, and like they bailed out anybody else they wanted to bail out, bankers and Wall Street. 


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