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Morning Update: Side-by-Side

The Washington Examiner did something original -- and bold. They examined Walmart’s health care plans and Obamacare side-by-side. The bottom line is sure to stun liberals. Walmart’s health care plan is less expensive than Obamacare. That’s not all. Walmart employees have more health plan options than those on Obamacare do. Walmart has two standard plans for their employees.

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Another Weekend of NFL Playoffs... Bernie Marcus: Worst of Obamacare Yet to Come... Algore Used Traffic Jam Tactic Against Bill Bradley in New Hampshire...

Stunning: 92 Million Americans Not Working

RUSH: The labor force participation rate continues to shrink, 92 million Americans not working, 74,000 jobs created versus the expectation of nearly 200,000 jobs that they thought would be created.  Half the jobs are part time and -- are you ready? -- the unemployment rate fell to 6.7%.  It simply isn't possible.  

The Republican Wise Men are Confused

RUSH: The Republican leadership, the establishment, they're all upset 'cause I compared 'em, the RINOs, to wildebeests. Of all the things I said yesterday, that's the takeaway...  If our political people inside the Beltway still to this day cannot predict what the left is gonna do with a scandal like this, if they do not understand, if they really think that a Republican could go out and end a scandal with a press conference, it tells me that they still don't know the nature of the enemy and what we're really up against.

Who Needs Governors?

RUSH: Eric Holder, the attorney general of the United States, says that the federal government "will recognize same-sex marriage in Utah for the purpose of federal benefits, despite the Utah governor's directive not to, pending the Supreme Court's review of the state's ban." 

Joblessness and the War on Men

RUSH: There is and there has been, and it's part and parcel of the modern era feminism, an attack on masculinity... There was a story earlier in the week that I vowed to get to, and it's in the New York Times, and it's about how seeking success is unhealthy. It will dovetail nicely.


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