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Brad Pitt's Magic Wood Rots... Harvey Weinstein May Have Stepped in It... Last Gasp: MLK Would Want Redskins to Change Name...

Which Woman is Lying in New Jersey?

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, we were all told for a long time that having women in politics was gonna put an end to political corruption because there wouldn't be any testosterone. Having women in politics would end war, for example, and barbarism. With women in leadership, there wouldn't be any predatory-type behavior because women don't do that.

Senator "Depends" Hits His Limit

RUSH: Senator Patrick "Leaky" Leahy apparently has finally found a level of authoritarian government which is too much.  Now, remember, this guy is from the Democrat Party. He is a staunch leftist who believes in the massive growth of government and government providing for as many dependent, helpless people as possible.


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