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Moment of Silence for Pete Seeger?... Richard Sherman Won't Attack Anymore... Quentin Tarantino Sues Gawker Guys... The SOTU Soap Opera Storyline...  Apple Stock Sinks...

Things I'd Love to See at State of the Coup

RUSH: I would love to see two things... I'd love to see John Boehner show up in a white lab coat sitting behind Obama as a doctor that has lost his practice... I think what the male Republican ought to do is find an attractive woman, not his wife, and put his arm around her and start taking some selfies while Obama is delivering the State of the Coup address.  Would that not be hilarious? 

Live by the Limbaugh Theorem, Die by the Limbaugh Theorem

RUSH: You can't claim to be a victim of invisible powerful forces trying to sabotage you every day. You can't claim to be a victim of that and then turn around and try to take credit for the economy when it supposedly improves -- and I emphasize "supposedly."  Most of what Obama and the New York Times say about the economy is blatant hogwash in this story, as you would expect it to be. 


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