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Again: Jobless Claims Rise More Than Expected... Experts Warn of "Caffeine Use Disorder"... 92% of Black Male Teenagers in Chicago are Unemployed... Larry King: CNN Should Run Cartoons... North Carolina Refuses to Extend Jobless Benefits and It Works... Chicago Writer Rips Off Environmentalist Wacko Pick Method...

Waxman Says Nose Mas, Smells Defeat; New Drive-By Election Narrative Emerges

RUSH: If this Politico report is true, if it's true that the Democrats have given up on winning the House, and if it's true that they are not sure they can hold the Senate, then why do the Republicans need to rebrand themselves?  Why do they need to become more like the Democrats, if the Democrats hold on everything is as tenuous as the Politico reports that it is? 

Overconfidence Doesn't Keep Conservatives Home

RUSH: Republicans that didn't vote didn't stay home 'cause they thought it was in the bag.  They didn't stay home because they thought the media had rigged the polls.  They didn't stay home because they thought their votes weren't needed.  They stayed home because they were angry at the Republican Party for nominating another Northeastern moderate. 


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