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Morning Update: Changes

The fortunes of nations can also change dramatically. Just witness what Obama has done to America’s world leadership since 2008. Just as in the Carter years, the President’s personal weakness has created the perception around the world that America is weak.

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One-Tenth of 1% Economic Growth!

RUSH:  One-tenth of 1%.  One-tenth of 1%!  Let me say it again.  One-tenth of 1%.  That's first quarter economic growth, and the Regime is blaming the cold weather.  I thought it was supposed to be global warming.  That was the reason for the cold weather.  Now the cold weather, which, because of global warming, is what the Regime is using to explain economic growth.  One-tenth of 1%. Ladies and gentlemen, the ChiComs have overtaken us.  The ChiComs are the world's biggest economy, a communist country.  

Why Silver "Dropped the Hammer" on Sterling

RUSH:  This guy drops the hammer and the media, folks, do you realize the happiness over one guy dropping the hammer and sending this guy packing?  Oh, man.  I've got a montage of it to play for you.  Adam Silver said yesterday (paraphrasing), "This has nothing to do with anything in the past.  This has only to do with what we learned on that tape starting Saturday."  Well, that let a lot of people off the hook.  All the other owners, the former commissioners.  There were a lot of people that knew this.  And a lot of people who knew it were ginning up their outrage and anger over the weekend, as though they're just learning of it for the first time. 

Donald Sterling Will Be a Campaign Issue for Dems Because They Have Nothing Else

RUSH: I'm gonna predict to you that between now and September, there are gonna be a whole bunch more of these that will be trumped up, ginned up, made to order, 'cause this is all the Democrat Party's got...  The only thing the Democrats have is Donald Sterling and Brendan Eich and Cliven Bundy and Duck Dynasty and all of these things that they just wait and hope for.  

Democrats Facilitate Hate, Not Love

RUSH: Why has the Democrat Party willfully, eagerly, happily put people in groups, made them victims, put them on the welfare rolls, made their existence barely a subsistence?  Why has there not been any effort to tamp down some of this animosity in the country and try to turn it into love? 

There are Two Speech Codes in America

RUSH: Certain people can say certain things, and there are certain things other people can't say...  And you better realize which one applies to you, otherwise you are gonna have the same thing happen to you that happened to Sterling.  I've got two media people that have said that.  That's not my idea.  I did not come up with that.  I'm not gonna play the sound bites 'cause I don't want to advertise these guys, but I have it right here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. 

Liberals Have Politicized Sports Under the Guise of "Social Justice"

RUSH: How many white people voted for Obama thinking that it'd be the end of racism?  'Cause nobody likes this.  Nobody likes this racial divide.  Nobody is made comfortable -- I take that back.  There are a lot of people making money off of it.  There are some people who actually promote it and like it.  And, again, the Democrat Party's the home of this stuff.  But, for the most part, your average, ordinary American wants no part of it. 


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