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Shelly Sterling to Sell Team, Drive-Bys Claim Scalp... Don't Count Conyers Out Yet... Stanford Population Kook Ehrlich: We'll Have to Eat the Bodies of Our Dead...

The Mark Cuban H-Word Controversy

RUSH: Shelly Sterling, oh, my God, I can't believe it, folks, and you should hear Geraldo on this.  This news has made me totally change the order in which I was going to play the audio sound bites.  I guess what we ought to do now is start with Mark Cuban... He apologized for using the word "hoodie."  

An Update on Cochlear Implant Improvements

RUSH: If you know somebody who's hard-of-hearing or maybe even has an implant, just trust the fact that they're lying to you half the time when they tell you they heard you.  And they're doing that because they don't want you to get mad at them. They don't want to be the cause of tension. They don't want you to think they're not trying. They don't want you to think they're not paying attention.  It's just they’re not able to.

We Remember When the Left Used the VA as a Model for Obamacare

RUSH:  I've got here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers... I have the media praising Obama and saying about the VA, "It is the microcosm of success that shows us how Obamacare will work successfully for the country."  You're not hearing from these people right now, but I'm gonna treat you to what they said about it.  Some people said the best way that we could deal with health care for everybody was to follow the exact things we were doing at the VA. 

The Meaning of Memorial Day

RUSH: Memorial Day, the reason for it, fewer and fewer people know. It's just the first real weekend of summer, three-day weekend and so forth, barbecues, what have you.  That's why I think education is important.  I'm really glad my dad drilled into me these things that he had lived through and it helped me relate to him better and understand the things he thought were important and why he was raising me the way he was.

Caller Encounters Flood of Hidden Taxation

RUSH: It's another way for the Regime to redistribute wealth, and it's all done in a stealth way, and it doesn't require the bad PR of a tax increase.  Nobody knows about it except the people to whom it happens.  And basically he was right on the money.  FEMA is simply redrawing floodplains.  They're simply declaring that if you happen to live in an area they deem to be a floodplain, and then if your mortgage is backed by the government, then you have to buy flood insurance. 

The Ignored Government Motors Scandal

originalRUSH: What's going on at General Motors? The government runs it, the United Auto Workers owns it, and that doesn't matter.  It's what you think of it that matters.  And the last thing Obama said about GM was, "GM's alive and bin Laden's dead" at the Democrat National Convention. That's the only thing you need to say. If you don't have a car being recalled, you don't know, not if you're not paying attention to the low-information news.  


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